Who is still together MAFS Australia 2023

It’s been a while, so which couples from MAFS Australia 2023 are still together?

There’s only one couple left!

A lot of the relationships from Married at First Sight Australia season 10 didn’t work out and there were only a handful of those during the final vows. However, now there’s only one couple who made it out the other end and have stayed together despite the many challenges, tests, and activities thrown their way during the experiment. The list has been dwindling recently – so who is still together from MAFS Australia 2023?

Here’s a rundown of all the couples who stayed in a relationship after the MAFS Australia experiment.

Ollie and Tahnee

Ollie and Tahnee were everyone’s favourite couple during the show, largely due to their smooth relationship and instant click on their wedding day.

After the experiment, the pair chose to stay in a relationship and then moved in together. Ollie was quick to join Tahnee in Sydney and moved into her apartment and then they moved into a house of their own.

The couple opted to move after reports of them feeling unsafe in Surry Hills after a number of incidents in the area. They both still keep in contact with their MAFS Australia co-stars and are good friends with Rupert and Janelle.

Tahnee went back to her day job as a PR manager after the experiment while Ollie launched his own podcast with his first special guest being Rupert.

However, the couple has sadly recently announced their break up and I’m not joking when I say literally everyone is heartbroken. They were together for 16 months.

Melinda and Layton

Melinda and Layton were one couple who no one saw coming. The pair got off to a rocky start, especially since Melinda wasn’t too keen on her groom on their wedding day. Eventually, they got along and lived together. Layton also revealed he had plans to relocate from Sydney to Brisbane to be with her.

“I love Brisbane. I think it’s awesome. We’ve just been waiting for the show to finish airing to sort out timings, and what that looks like,” Layton told Woman’s Day. Melinda added they plan on adopting a dog at some point. “I want an Italian greyhound. It’s just me as a dog,” Melinda joked.

Both Melinda and Layton have gone back to their day jobs since the experiment ended, with Melinda opening up a brand new salon.

“For my Xmas present, Layton surprised me with tickets to Bali. We were unable to post at the time as it was one week prior to the show airing and we didn’t want to ruin the ending of our MAFS journey for you guys. So, these next four days we will be taking you inside our trip,” Melinda wrote on Instagram at the time.

However, in October, the couple announced they had broken up, in another huge punch to the gut.

Evelyn and Duncan

Evelyn and Duncan may not have been matched together originally but they were on the same season, so it counts. Evelyn was originally matched with Rupert and Duncan with Alyssa, but when their respective final vows ended in heartbreak – they found solace in one another.

Following the hard launch of their relationship, Evelyn and Duncan have been attending events together and have even been on some staycations. Their success is proving to be continuous as Evelyn has been tipped to star in Celebrity Apprentice while Duncan has gone back to his day job.

A TV insider told Yahoo Channel Nine is “keen to keep Evelyn in the family and really champion her” moving forward. The source claimed: “She is popular, relatable and always has dreamed of working in TV, so now it’s just a matter of developing her skills and finding the right opportunities.

“This could be anything from hosting segments on Today Extra to landing her own digital series or even appearing on Celebrity Apprentice if they bring it back. There are a lot of possibilities and it’s all very exciting for her.”

They are the last remaining couple still together from MAFS Aus season 10, and we wish them all the luck in the world.

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