From Glasto to Reading: The types of King’s students you’ll see at each festival this year

King’s students are flooding the festivals this year, lets hope there’ll be no flash floods too

Now that exams are over King’s students can finally relax (aside from the possibility of never receiving their marks), so what better way to unwind and have fun than a good ol’ festival. Before you decide which festival you book tickets for, it’s good to know what kind of people will be there, especially if you want to avoid some of your classmates. So, here’s the definitive list of which King’s student you’ll find at each festival this year based on their degrees.

Primavera Sound

Located in Barcelona, Spain, Primavera Sound is the perfect musical festival for those students seeking to experience the joys of wonderful weather and free flowing sangria. With a setlist including Kendrick Lamar and Rosalia and attire consisting of board shorts, unbuttoned linen shirts and mini dresses, you are bound to find English and Spanish law students breaking the laws they learn in their lectures, in addition to a couple of business and economics students from King’s and LSE.


An EDM Festival in Belgium spanning from the 21st to 23rd of July, Tomorrowland has one of the most unique stages and sets out of any festival this summer. For hours of non-stop dancing and stress relief, this festival is ideal for those students under immense pressure during the academic year (@ anyone at Guy’s Campus). For med students at King’s, Tomorrowland is the place for some much needed unwinding.

Reading & Leeds Festival

For those students who stay at home during the summer or international students who mistakenly book their accommodation for way too long and are unable to sublet it (despite messaging every group chat in existence), this one’s for you. To enjoy Reading and Leeds you need to know how to ball on a budget, and how to survive the dusty fields. These festivals require an experienced traveller who’s got around, hence you’ll probably find a couple of war studies and politics students.

Rolling Loud

Coming up next, Rolling Loud festivals in Miami, Rotterdam, and Portugal are here to satisfy any rap fanatics. With headliners like Travis Scott, Central Cee, and Playboy Carti, festival goers are bound to find fans with no chill who are there for nothing but the mosh pits. Students at Rolling Loud are more interested in seeing their favourite artists than studying for their expensive degrees and paying back their student loans. Good luck having a fun time among the bandana-wearing economics and business management students.


Last but not least, Glastonbury Festival, coming up at the end of June. While all of the previous festivals have an emphasis on music, Glastonbury includes all sorts of performative art, featuring comedy, theater, and circus. This festival is for those who don’t have the sole objective of getting wildly intoxicated but would rather sit back, relax, and enjoy the classics. This being said, the lineup consisting of Elton John, Lana del Rey, and Ezra Collective is ideal for postgrad students who need to fill the void left by their unmarked dissertations, as well as just about any creative subject under the sun. 

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