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Adam says the cast were all aware of the ‘exposure’ they could get from MAFS Australia

I mean… are we really surprised?

Married at First Sight Australia groom Adam Seed has revealed that all the cast were aware of how much exposure they were going to receive by being on the experiment.

It’s no secret how popular MAFS Australia is, with it being one of the biggest TV shows in Australia, with fanbases all over the world. A number of this year’s cast now have management and have had drastic changes to their career.

Adam, who appeared on season 10, has since claimed everyone was well aware of the opportunities that would arise from appearing on the marital experiment.

Speaking on the Lara on Eyre: After MAFS Edition podcast, Adam said the main thing about the experiment is that it is a TV show no matter how someone may dissect it.

“At the end of the day, this is a TV show. Yes it’s a show about marriage but it is also still a TV show. We all know coming into it it isn’t a legally binding marriage and we all know we might find the person of our dreams,” he explained, continuing: “We also know it’s a good opportunity for exposure and a good experience.”

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Adam isn’t the only MAFS Australia 2023 cast member to acknowledge the exposure the show can give. Harrison recently admitted he stayed in a couple with Bronte for the “exposure”.

In an Instagram Q&A, Harrison was asked by a follower if he and Bronte stayed on MAFS Australia for exposure and he admitted that was for the case, for him anyway. He responded: “In the end I stayed for more exposure. Was it worth it? No.”

Tahnee previously threw shade at her co-stars who appeared on the show for nothing more than the opportunities it can give.

In an interview with Daily Telegraph Australia, Tahnee said: “Ollie and I got zero airtime, but we are happy. People still get to see our personalities and who we are.

“Obviously you’re aware of what opportunities can come your way being on the show. But I don’t think that should be your reason for going on.” Tahnee added viewers “aren’t stupid” and can tell which participants go on the experiment for love and those who go on it simply for the fame.

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