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Alyssa MAFS Australia 2023

Alyssa reveals what went down between Duncan and Evelyn during the couple swap challenge

‘I think they really suit each other, but I can’t say I’m surprised’

Married at First Sight Australia 2023 bride Alyssa Barmonde has revealed some unaired scenes between her and Duncan James during the couple swap challenge.

Alyssa was originally matched with Duncan during the experiment but they eventually ended things at the final vows. Duncan is now in a relationship with Evelyn, and Alyssa believes his interest int he intruder bride began during the couple swap.

Speaking to former MAFS UK bride Lara Eyre, Alyssa claimed: “Production asked [Duncan and I] to have a conversation about the sleeping arrangements.”

According to Alyssa, Duncan wanted to “share the bed” with Evelyn during the challenge on MAFS Australia 2023 but Alyssa told him to “sleep on the couch”. The groom apparently said the couch was “uncomfortable” and Evelyn was “just his mate”.

Duncan and Evelyn have previously insisted that nothing happened between them during the experiment and they only began to explore a romantic connection once filming was over.

“I think they really suit each other, but I can’t say I’m surprised,” Alyssa said about Duncan and Evelyn’s relationship after MAFS Australia 2023.

“I was hurt that I didn’t hear from either of them about the relationship, but it is what it is.”

The past could all be in the past now as Alyssa is reportedly dating her MAFS co-star, Josh White. A source close to the couple told Daily Mail Australia Josh and Alyssa have decided to “See where things take them”.

“They’re both very sweet and I really do hope they work out, they’re a match. Josh was convinced he was going to be matched with Alyssa when Daily Mail leaked the cast photo last year,” the source continued.

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