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From thrifting to bar crawls: Here are 11 things Lancs students can do post-exams

Now’s your chance to finish the campus bar crawl you started in Fresher’s Week

Whether your exams have already finished or you have just a few more weeks left, every Lancs student will soon find themselves with plenty of time on their hands and (possibly) no idea what to do without the ever-present threat of flashcards and deadlines.

There are plenty of activities for Lancaster’s student population that will help them to make the most of the post-exam freedom and say goodbye to their friends and one more year of uni. From bar crawls to thrifting, here’s everything that Lancs students can do to end this academic year on a high note.

1. Finish your campus bar crawl

Most colleges organised a campus bar crawl in Fresher’s Week, but somehow none of us actually managed to make it to all of the bars before either heading out into town or back to our flats. Why not finish your year by visiting all of the bars that you haven’t seen yet?

2. Take a trip to the Lake District

Most of us say we’re going to do this at the start of uni (“it’s so peaceful and close by – we have to go!”) and then get sucked in by nights out and deadlines, and never end up taking that day trip. Now is the perfect time to do what you said you would, and head to the Lake District while you have no revision to make you feel guilty.

3. Go on a group day trip to Manchester

Direct train tickets from Lancaster to Manchester are fairly cheap and don’t take much time out of your day, so why not take a trip with your friends and get some of your summer shopping out of the way? If the small city vibe of Lancs has begun to bore you, this is the perfect day out for you.

4. Have a flat movie night

Stock up on popcorn and sweets and spend what might be one of your flat’s last nights living together binge-watching movies and TV shows, but don’t forget to bring plenty of blankets and pillows so you’re comfy.

5. Morecambe beach

Another thing we say we’ll do and promptly forget about is that taking a trip to Morecambe beach, which is a must for Lancs students at the end of the year.

6. Go thrifting

Lancaster has loads of great charity shops right in the middle of town, and if you want to make your summer wardrobe more sustainable this year then thrifting is a definite.

7. Have a BBQ with your friends

The BBQ area by the Sports Centre is getting more popular as we get further into summertime and is the perfect sunny spot for group picnics and BBQs as the heat wave continues.

8. Go to extravs!

With loads of themed extravs scheduled for the end of summer term, Lancs students can go to extravs in any college, with priority tickets available for your own college’s event. Get your friends together and end this academic year by dressing up for some of the best themed nights Lancaster has to offer.

9. Make an end-of-year scrapbook

If you want to document your time in Lancaster, you could head down to The Works for cheap scrapbooks and art supplies so you can keep a record of this year’s best moments.

10. Do something crafty in Williamson Park

Whether it’s tote bag painting, jewellery making or having a picnic by the pond, Williamson Park is the perfect spot for a chill day out with your friends. We know Lancs students love Williamson, so why not make your trip a little different with a bit of crafting?

11. Have a picnic by the canal