A definitive guide to Lancaster Uni’s best summer reading spots

Don’t forget to pick up a cold drink from Costa on your way!

There’s nothing uni students look forward to more than getting exams and deadlines over with before summer fully kicks in. With work out of the way, you can go ahead with that day trip to the Lake District you’ve been meaning to go on for months, head down to Morecambe to get some sun, or even get started on those books that have been on your TBR since before you came to uni.

Lancaster’s campus offers some amazing reading spots for your early summer reading that will have you breaking out your happiest playlist and getting a tan just from reading for a few hours. We’ve compiled a definitive list of the best spots to get yourself out of a reading slump as the heat waves kick in and you say goodbye to the woes of flashcards and mindmaps.

1. Bonnington Steps

Bonnington Steps are the classic Lancs student spot to chill in the summer months. With Fylde bar close by and a view of the ducks (and ducklings!) wandering around, it’s the perfect spot if you like a bit of background noise to help you focus on your latest read, but is still peaceful enough that you can relax after a tough few weeks of studying.

2. Alexandra Square

Alex Square gets enough sun for you to enjoy getting a tan while you read, and is conveniently located right next to Coastal, Greggs and Costa, leaving you with no shortage of snacks. With the library close by, it’s also the perfect spot if you want to read but can’t find anything good in your flat.

3. The BBQ area by the Sports Centre

We’ve all spent the past few weeks outside the Sports Centre, whether we’re heading out for a quick walk or having a BBQ with our friends. Bring a blanket to lie on and ensure you have plenty of suncream because it’s quite possibly the sunniest reading spot campus offers. As an added bonus, if you want a quick break from a chapter you can watch the sports games that are bound to be taking place nearby.

4. County Square

If you live in County, this is a really convenient spot to read your new book while still staying close to the comfort of your flat. Even if you don’t live close by, it’s definitely worth the walk because you’ll be right next to some great walking paths so you can stretch your legs between chapters.

5. Bailrigg House

The view from Bailrigg House is really scenic and not many students walk past regularly, so it’s an incredibly quiet spot for readers who prefer total silence while they get stuck into a good book. Be warned though, because you’ll find yourself completely zoned out from your surroundings while you’re there.

6. Pendle Brew

Pendle Brew offers a view out into the sun through the windows, while also giving you a break from the heat when it rises in the middle of the day. You’ll be glad of the spot out of the sunlight when you can sit comfortably on the sofas and chairs and completely rest while you read, and maybe even grab a coffee.

7. Behind the InfoLab

This is one of campus’ best-kept secrets, with a sunny reading spot tucked away behind the InfoLab building. There’s a bench overlooking some fields where you can make the most of the sun, but the rows of trees nearby offer some much-needed shade in the middle of the heatwave. You won’t encounter many other people, so make the most of the solitude with the book that needs your highest level of concentration.

8. Outside Grizedale bar

If you fancy some drinks while you read, why not sit outside Grizedale bar with a drink once your exams are complete? It’s a great space to bring your friends and chat about your latest read over a cocktail, too.

9. Barker House Farm

If you want to get out of the sun for a bit while you read, Barker House offers the chance to curl up on the sofas with a cold drink and get away from the outside world for a minute. It’s a bit of a walk from the centre of campus, but is well worth the journey for all the peace and quiet you’ll get away from the busiest areas.

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