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Duncan MAFS Australia 2023

Duncan throws shade at his MAFS Australia co-stars who complain about their ‘edit’

‘You still said the things you said’

Duncan has spoken out about his co-stars who have claimed they received a bad edit while on Married at First Sight Australia. Just some of the cast members who have publicly called out the show include Tayla, Harrison and Alyssa.

Duncan was matched with Alyssa during MAFS Australia 2023 however their relationship ended at their final vows when Duncan chose to walk away.

Speaking on the Back To Reality podcast with Al Perkins Taku Chimwaza, Duncan shared his thoughts on the infamous “edit” chat that has taken over the discourse surrounding MAFS Australia 2023.

“People come off the sow and they bag the edit or they bag nine,” he explained, continuing: “But you still said the things you said, it is what it is. Everyone that went on the show was given the opportunity.”

Alyssa has been vocal about her edit on the series, saying it was an unfair depiction of her character. While regretting some of the things she said, Alyssa believes she was given the “villain” edit of the series.

Some of the MAFS Australia brides have been quick to defend Alyssa in the same breath. During an Instagram Q&A, Tahnee was asked a question about Alyssa to which she responded: “Alyssa is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met.”

“She is that friend that will always be there for you no matter what,” she continued. “I know this show can really bring out the worst in people and highlight more negative aspects but I really wish you got to see more of how warm and kind she is. It’s such a shame. She would always bake us treats and leave at our door in Skye Suites, let me borrow her shoes, bring me period pain medication when I needed.

“At the end of the day, you only see such a small snippet of who we are (for better or for worse) BUT we are human, we make mistakes and we can only grow from our experiences.”

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