Here are Cardiff’s Best Dressed Students at HSLOT

The Principality switched out its usual bucket hats and rugby chants for glitter, boas and watermelon sugar

It wasn’t hard to tell that the fruit man was in town from the trail of coloured feathers leading all the way down to the Principality Stadium. Cardiff has never seen such bright colours and that cowgirl hats. It certainly wasn’t difficult to find your way down to the stadium. But if one person was able to have that impact on Cardiff, it would have to be our Harry, the city was buzzing with excitement from the moment the sun came up on Tuesday anticipating his return to the stage.

It would be a crime not to dress up in attendance at Harry’s House, I even found myself doing a banana count as I was walking down the street about to join the queue. You could really tell the thought and dedication put behind each outfit and how happy everyone was to be wearing the utmost fabulous outfits, I mean how could you be unhappy wearing something sparkly and pink topped with a feather boa?

I scouted out and picked some of the very best outfits worn by our very own students to Harry Styles Love on Tour in Cardiff:

All That Glitters

As soon as I saw this outfit I was in awe, it is so Harry-esque from the sequin skirt to the holographic style top with the flared sleeves, with the staple pieces of any Love on Tour outfit, the cowgirl hat and the heart-shaped sunglasses, he would absolutely love it, as do I.

The Cowgirls

Throughout Cardiff, there was a sea of hundreds of different outfits paired with all variations of cowgirl hats from sparkly, and fluffy to ones that even lit up and each and every person looked fabulous, although similar, no two outfits were the same. The cowgirl hat is a staple at Love on Tour, and I wish we could wear them to out lecturers.

BYOB (Bring your own boa)

Feather Boas have become an iconic part of Harry Styles, almost everyone was wearing one, even parents and boyfriends. There is still an array of rainbow feathers scattered all over the streets of Cardiff and I’m loving it. Paired perfectly with some super cute heart-shaped sunglasses, I think they are absolutely fabulous and they really make the outfit pop, like a cherry on top. Every single colour looks amazing and everyone looked super slay wearing them, even Mr Styles himself. Also, shoutout to the last girl’s earrings, the little houses are so cute.

All About the Fruit

As well as the cowgirl hats there was so many other funky hats and hair accessories going on, but these strawberry hats must be the cutest things I’ve ever seen, they are so fairylike and the matching vibes going on with the denim and white tops, seriously iconic.

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