Here are the places you can actually get support if your landlord is being useless

PLEASE can you fix our boiler xxx

UK student housing is famously poor quality, and things obviously break or need replacing. However, it’s no secret landlords and letting agents hate having to do repairs. Whether it’s mould, broken appliances, rats (or all three) many of them spend the entire tenancy shirking their legal requirements and hoping their tenants won’t notice. Here’s how you can (hopefully) get your deposit back while having a functioning flat.

Actually read the contract

The worst thing you can do is send an angry email to the letting agency only to discover you’ve got no legs to stand on. Make sure you and all your flatmates read the rules about ventilation, cleaning, and decor, so you’re all held accountable for any issues.

Complain to your letting agency/landlord

The first port of call is letting your landlord or letting agent know about the problem, as soon as you can. If they’re any good, there’ll send someone out within a few days to fix it. Don’t be afraid to bug them if they don’t reply.

Keep records of absolutely everything

There are loads of simple things you can do as soon as you move in to keep your deposit. When you move in, take photos of everything wrong with the flat. If anything gets worse over time, take photos of that too. Don’t delete any emails to and from the landlord, and ask for anything said in person to be given to you in writing as well. That way, the dates and explicit wording of any problems will be easily accessible to you should you need them.


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Contact the council

If the issues in your flat (eg. mould, mice or broken steps) are affecting your health and safety, you can report your landlord to environmental health and go to your local council. Check their website to work out if your repairs are bad enough to warrant getting them involved.

Go to your uni’s advice place