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MAFS Australia 2023 edit

The MAFS Australia 2023 cast members who have made digs at the show about their ‘edit’

Tayla said she originally thought she was going to get a ‘good edit’

Married at First Sight 2023 cast members have been making it clear they are unimpressed with how they were portrayed on the reality TV show. A number of the brides and grooms have shared their upset over their edit, attempting to assure people their character is incredibly different to how it seemed on the series.

There is no question that reality TV is dramatised for effect and out of a 24 hour day, viewers are only shown one and a half, suggesting everything may not be as it seems. But who has complained and what have they said? Here’s a rundown of every MAFS Australia 2023 cast member who has called out their edits.


Tayla has been talking non-stop about her edit, slamming the show for its treatment of her and the impact it has had on her mental health. The former bride previously told The Tab she was given the “mean girl edit”, deeming it “unfair”.

“I was given the mean girl edit. There was no female villain therefore I was given that character,” she told The Tab.

“You don’t realise the consequences in that moment and how what you said can be taken out of context.”

She continued to say that viewers only see a “glimpse” of what actually goes down during the various dinner parties and commitment ceremonies, claiming that “90 per cent of filming isn’t shown”.

Tayla has continued to shade the show and said she originally thought she was going to get a “good edit”.

“When context is removed, your audio is cut and pasted to create conversations. Your facial expressions and your reactions are something completely different to what actually happened,” she told The Daily Telegraph.


Alyssa told Hello! she didn’t feel that she was represented as herself on the show. “The person portrayed on TV is definitely not me,” she said, continuing: “It’s been hard watching it back specifically because of how the story went, which is not how I remember it.”

Alyssa and Duncan’s main issue was Alyssa’s hesitancy of believing Duncan wanted to be with her as she was a single mother. Duncan would often insist he was happy to be with Alyssa, but she has since claimed not everything was as it seemed.

“[The editing] almost gave me more doubts about the entire relationship. Because then I started thinking back and I think there was the time when the experts asked him if it was a concern that my child would be a priority. And in real life, he said ‘Yes, it’s a concern’, but then they edited him to say ‘No, it’s not a concern’ and I thought ‘I can’t do this anymore’,” she said.

Former brides who appeared on the show alongside Alyssa have been backing her up and standing up for her against trolls online.

During an Instagram Q&A, Tahnee was asked a question mocking Alyssa and she was having none of it. The former bride said: “Alyssa is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. She is that friend that will always be there for you no matter what.

“I know this show can really bring out the worst in people and highlight more negative aspects but I really wish you got to see more of how warm and kind she is. It’s such a shame. She would always bake us treats and leave at our door in Skye Suites, let me borrow her shoes, bring me period pain medication when I needed.

“At the end of the day, you only see such a small snippet of who we are (for better or for worse) BUT we are human, we make mistakes and we can only grow from our experiences.”


Jesse had a lot to say about the edit of him and Claire and the MAFS Australia 2023 reunion and he was not best pleased.

During the reunion episode it seemed as though there was a glimmer of hope, but Jesse was quick to shut that down.

“Allow me to clarify. Almost everything I say about Claire that night has been craftily edited to appear that there’s still a chance for us,” he claimed.

“I actually spent the entire drive to the reunion talking about how I wasn’t keen on seeing Claire or Adam and how I wanted to mostly be by myself that night. What you saw was Claire and I simply being polite, friendly and kind to each other. No need for a fight.”

He rounded off his statement by saying he will always tell the truth. “At the end of the day, my honesty and integrity isn’t what needs to be questioned, because I’m always going to tell you the truth, clarify things and set it straight.”


Harrison has always insisted his character on the show was not at all how he is in real life, and some people have been believing him after “seeing a different side” to the former groom.

Since MAFS Australia 2023 ended, Harrison has claimed the edit was “completely on Bronte’s side”.

“So many scenes were cut that would’ve completely swayed the audience. I think if people actually saw what I was reacting to, they would’ve thought, ‘This guy is just a reasonable bloke,'” he told Daily Mail Australia.


During an Instagram Q&A, Melinda revealed she was “so upset” with her edit on MAFS Australia 2023. When the episode of her wedding day aired, the former bride was met with backlash from viewers after talking about her businesses.

“I was like, ‘Holy sh*t, I’m the villain. How am I the villain?'” she began. “I was freaking out and I started to prepare myself.

“And then I remember going onto Twitter and there were just thousands of hate [comments]. You guys wanted me off this earth, it was not pleasant. And because I am such a nice, genuine person, it rocked my heart and my soul.”

The former bride went on to say she stayed in the bed the following day because she felt “so down” about it all.

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