Space to the South Pole: The most expensive tourist trips people actually pay for

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What would you do with unlimited time and money? For most people this question will never be anything other than an awkward ice-breaker, but for the super-rich, there is a huge market catering to their whims and fancies. With the lost submarine expedition still weighing heavy on many people’s minds, increasing attention has been turned to the mysterious, exclusive world of super-rich tourism. From space to the South Pole, you can see the world on bespoke trips designed especially for you by luxury travel agents.

Here are the most expensive and interesting trips you can take right now, if you have a few million sat in your bank account:

Jeff Bezos’s New Shepard rocket

Having already sent 25 people into space, Bezos’s rocket company is marching ahead of rivals and is sending passengers 100km up to the lower edge of space. The seats on this ship are estimated to come in at about $1.25 million per person, but the exact figure is tailored to individual passengers. For example, William Shatner from Star Trek paid nothing. However, the first seat went for $28 million, in an auction to raise money for a science charity.

Mount Everest

Arguably the most famous playground for elite tourism, various companies offer bespoke tours and treks through the Himalayas, with Everest being the most popular climb by far.  For $93,500, you can undertake a 41-day expedition with a team of expert mountaineers to the highest point in the world, while enjoying gas-powered showers and freshly cooked steak. In order to climb the mountain, you have to pay an extra £3,200 “garbage deposit”, which only gets returned if you bring eight kilos of rubbish off the mountain with you.

Yacht Travel

You can charter yachts for just a few days, or buy one outright for far more. The most expensive yacht in the world comes in at about $1.5 billion, but trips aboard luxury vessels can start from just $5,000 a week in countries like Greece and Thailand. Billionaires with money to burn love to use them like toys, and they are constantly trying to up one another in terms of design, amenities and materials.

Virgin Galactic

Founded by Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic opened up sales to the public in 2022, charging $450,000 for a spot on the reservations list. They hope to launch the first commercial space tourism flight in late June, despite facing criticism for its carbon footprint and multiple failed launch attempts.


For more risk-averse millionaires, there are luxury trips to beautiful ‘pods’ on the South Pole. These genuinely look amazing and surprisingly cosy, considering your nearest neighbours will be on the International Space Station while you’re there, 400km away. Spend a week shuttling around on a private jet, visiting emperor penguins, rock climbing, and hiking in the snow. You can enjoy all this for up to a cool $110,000 per person (excluding the cost of all your warm clothes).

Musha Cay Island

If kicking back in style rather than travelling where humans have never gone before, a private island might be your vibe. This luxury exclusive island in the Bahamas costs $75,000 a night, with four villas you can choose to stay in. It has a sauna, heated swimming pool and 40 beaches for your private use, plus world-class chefs prepare every meal for you to eat on the waterfront.

Find out how ‘real people live’

According to the founder of the London-based luxury holiday company Original Travel, a growing trend among the super-rich is to take their families on trips to see “how real people live.” Apparently, this helps remind them of the power and importance of money, in a secure and comfortable manner. Some also enjoy a back-to-basics camping trip, or learning survival skills in the Australian outback.

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