From Blue 2 to Jet 2: What your summer plans as a Manchester student say about you

We’ve all met someone who’s done number seven….

It is finally here. The nights are at their lightest, the sun is coming out, and The Friendship pub garden is still full although most of us have gone home. Summer is finally upon us, and thank god because that means no more caffeine-fuelled nights in Blue 2. Every student spends the whole year trying to get their summer plans out of the group chat and into reality. This is a round-up of what your summer may have in store.

1. Package holiday

Balling on a budget but we love it. Specific shout out to Jet2  for playing Hold My Hand as you get on the plane: one of the only times you can have a positive association to Jess Glynne’s music. Returning back to Terminal 3 with sunburn and a Mallorca keyring never felt so good. Bonus points if someone drops out two weeks before you fly.

If your summer can be best summed up by this, you’re probably a fan of the simpler things in life. Back in Manchester, your vices probably consist of cheap Squirrel’s pints, Goodfella’s pizza and copious amounts of Golden Virginia.

2. Interrailing

It’s most likely going to be your first foray into travelling. A great way to dip your toe into the world of hostels, attempting to read foreign signage, and in our case, emergency passports and numerous pictures of our slightly-creased flag outside European landmarks.

If  June/July/August is consisting of you and a couple of pals on numerous high-speed rail journeys, you’ve probably got a taste for life outside of Manchester, but are either too skint, scared or lazy to book a flight to Thailand. It’s bound to be a laugh though, and will give a few stories to reel out after one too many Happy Hour pints.

3. Working

Instead of saving up over the year for summer, you’re saving up over summer for the rest of the year. Summer work can be anything; warehouses, festival food stands, a pub, the list is endless. One thing that is guaranteed is sweating, a healthy dose of FOMO, and come September, a very healthy bank account.

Although you might have to battle through a few pairs of linen trousers talking about just how cool Bangkok is, by October you’ll be the one who can still afford a trip to Sainsbury’s. Who’s the real winner?

4. Sports Tour

After a full year of socials, what more could you want than a trip to Split with the same people? If this is your choice, you’re probably a fan of the messier side of University; staggering home after 12 pints with a drawn on beard and a large cheesy-chips. If you can remember it, you’ll have some very good (and very bad) memories.

5. Staycation

You’ve either left it too late, haven’t renewed your passport, or can’t be arsed. But, who cares? Sometimes the best holiday’s you can have are reached by car or train. A (hopefully) warm and (hopefully) dry holiday in Cornwall, Wales or The Lake District. Cheap, cheerful, easy. What’s not to love?

Back in the 0161, there’s a good chance you are rarely seen on a night out that involves a bus journey, and are committed to doing all 12 lectures of a module from the comfort of your bed, three days before the exam.

6. Festivals

You’ve weighed up your options, and have settled for a summer diet of The Wombats, expensive pints, and baby-wipe washes in a muddy field. Maybe you’ve expanded and gone abroad, but chances are you’ll be cramming pop-up tents into the boot of a VW Polo come July. If this is you, indie music and Dark Fruits have probably become part of your DNA. At least whenever a song comes on at the first pre’s in September, you can annoy everyone by announcing you’ve seen it live. Did anyone ask? Probably not. Are you going to say it regardless? Yes.

7. Backpacking

You’ve either graduated from interrailing, or decided to bite the bullet and dive into the deep end – a trip to south east Asia. You’re bound to let everyone know about it, so is there any point of me writing about it? Either way, you’re probably coming back with a very good tan, a very bad tattoo, and of course, you will have really found yourself. It’s bound to be a great time though, and you’ll probably have slightly more interesting stories than your interrailing mates.

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