A relationship expert has predicted who will stay loyal and whose head will turn in Casa Amor

Tyrique will ‘fully embrace the Casa Amor experience’

Casa Amor is officially coming and given the state of the villa right now, it’s going to be utter carnage. There may be one or two couples whose doors are firmly shut, but for the most part the main villa is going to need some more beds outside.

Will Tyrique follow in the footsteps of Jacques and and Liam, who will sleep on the daybeds all night? Well, relationship expert and co-founder of SoSyncd, Louella Alderson, has revealed which couples are the most compatible – predicting who stay loyal and who will stray in Casa Amor 2023.

Kady and Zachariah – Both recouple

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Relationship expert Louella has predicted that Kady and Zachariah will both recouple and bring someone back into the main villa after Casa Amor.

Kady and Zach are a relatively new couple and cracks are beginning to show following their “dry” chats and Zach’s interest in Whitney.

“I think everyone can see that there is little to no chemistry between Kady and Zach,” Louella explained.

“Kady could not look more disinterested when chatting to Zach. When Zach is talking about his music or what he likes to do, it seems they are on completely different pages. For this reason, I think Kady will recouple in Casa Amor, but I don’t necessarily think she will give the new person 100 per cent of her efforts either.”

Molly Marsh has been heavily rumoured to be returning to Casa Amor, and Louella reckons if she does make a return, Zach will recouple with her.

She continued to say: “Molly and Zach had a lot more chemistry than Kady and Zach. Whether their relationship will stand the test of time is a different question. All in all, I think Kady and Zach will both recouple in Casa Amor.”

Leah and Montel – Both recouple

Leah and Montel are also a fairly new couple in the villa and despite them getting along, Louella thinks they will both recouple with other people in Casa Amor.

Leah and Montel are also a fairly new couple in the villa and despite them getting along, Louella thinks they will both recouple with other people in Casa Amor.

“Given that their connection is quite low-key, I think they could both find a stronger bond with someone else in Casa Amor. Seeing Montel only joined one week ago, it’s not like they’ve had enough time to really get close and form an unbreakable bond.”

Louella thinks if Montel finds a connection with another girl in Casa Amor and Leah finds one with another guy, they could both have their heads turned.

Jess and Mitchel – Both recouple

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It’ll come as no surprise that Jess and Mitchel will recouple with other people due to them being in a friendship couple. However, even though Jess will likely bring someone back for Casa Amor, Louella believes she will deep down still want to be with Sammy.

Louella predicts Mitchel will “welcome his time in Casa Amor with open arms”.

“It’s the perfect place for him to get a bit of attention and find someone he feels strongly about,” she said.

“The Casa girls will know that Mitch is a good way to get into the main villa as he is very much single so they will be putting in a lot of effort to get to know him and he will love it.”

Ella and Tyrique – Stick together

Relationship expert Casa Amor

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Viewer opinion may be split with this one. Despite Ella and Tyrique saying they only have eyes for each other, Louella believes Casa Amor will be “a test” for the couple.

Louella reckons Ella will be “obsessing over what Tyrique is up to”, whereas Tyrique will “fully embrace the Casa Amor experience”.

She said: “Ultimately, I don’t think Tyrique will recouple and instead will go crawling back to Ella and ask for forgiveness. Although I think they will both stick with each other after Casa Amor, there is a possibility that when they come back to the main villa, their romance could be strained due to jealousy and trust issues.”

Catherine and Scott – Stick together

Relationship expert Casa Amor

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While Catherine and Scott haven’t got a lot of screentime, The relationship expert thinks the couple will stay loyal to one another during Casa Amor 2023.

“They hardly get any airtime compared to the other couples and so it’s tricky to judge how genuine and deep their connection is,” Louella explained.

“We know they like each other and they both feel like their relationship is going from strength to strength. But I’m not sure if it’s enough for them to stand the test of Casa Amor. Hopefully, the time together they’ve had will be enough for them to both stay together.”

Sammy and Whitney – Bring people back

Relationship expert Casa Amor

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It makes sense that Sammy and Whitney will bring people back to the main villa as they are both single following Mal and Medhi’s dumping.

Louella believes the Casa Amor Islanders will put their attention on Sammy and Whitney to secure a place in the villa.

“We hope Whitney finds a genuine, nice guy who can sweep her off her feet and treat her with the kindness and respect she deserve,” Louella said.

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