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‘He can be toxic’: Tyrique’s ex-Islander pals have revealed what he’s like outside the villa

‘He will make his way back to Ella no matter what’

Tyrique has been the biggest menace Love Island has seen in a long time, as well as the most connected to Islanders from previous seasons. Since appearing on the show, it has been revealed Tyrique is good friends with Toby Aromolaran, Summer Botwe and Chloe Burrows – and they have had plenty to say about him and his antics in and out of the villa.

As his head is beginning to turn for Casa Amor bombshell Amber, here’s what Tyrique’s ex-Islander friends have said about his behaviour on Love Island and just what he’s like on the outside.

Toby Aromolaran

One of Tyrique’s ex-Islander friends is Toby from Love Island 2021. Toby and Tyrique have been friends since they were children, having been at the same class in school. Toby starred on Love Island in 2021 and Tyrique has followed in his footsteps. Since Tyrique appeared in the villa, Toby has revealed just what his childhood friend is like on the outside.

“Tyrique, I’ve grown up with him, from literally knee height to here,” Toby said on his Fancy a Chat podcast. The 2021 finalise said they grew up together, remaining close ever since. So much so that it was actually Tyrique who ran his Instagram account while he was in the villa.

“I feel like we’re cut from the same cloth,” Toby said. “If you thought I was caused chaos, I think he’s going to cause more chaos to be honest. Chaos follows him.”

Summer Botwe


Former Casa Amor bombshell Summer Botwe recently revealed that she and Tyrique are friends admitting he can be toxic. Summer was brought back to the main villa by Dami but didn’t make it much further after he recoupled with Indiyah.

“I’ve known Tyrique from before he went in the villa, on a friendly basis, we know a few of the same people. So I’m supporting him all the way,” she told Daily Star.

“He’s really cheeky and can get a little bit toxic, so I don’t know if he will do his typical Ty things in Casa Amor and go back to his old ways – it’s definitely a possibility but I do like him with Ella. And I do think he will make his way back to her whatever the outcome.”

Chloe Burrows

During her Chloe vs The World podcast, the ex-Islander revealed she knew Tyrique prior to his time in the villa. She told Vicky Pattison that Toby and Tyrique are “like brothers” and Toby could possibly fly out to Mallorca to pay Tyrique a visit.

“My friend is on there [Love Island]. He’s Toby’s best mate, they are like brothers,” she said. “I say friends, we’re absolutely not f**king friends, we just know each other.”

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