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This is what all the Islanders who ‘tested’ their connections in Casa Amor are up to now

Never forget what Andrew got up to last year

Casa Amor has been a staple on Love Island since season three and each year the chaos just becomes more and more wild. With this year’s Casa Amor set to be the most explosive yet, it’s time to take a look back on every time an each time an Islander decided to test how strong their connection was while their partner was away.

While no one has ever been in a relationship during Casa Amor, a lot of the Islanders are in committed couples and it’s almost a given that they wouldn’t stray. Or so the other half of their couples thought. Even though some couples rekindling their romances despite bringing back people from Casa Amor, the damage is often already done.

So how did their love lives fair after being a bit cheeky on Casa Amor. Here’s everything the Islanders who tested their connections in Casa Amor are up to now.


Farmer Will was one of the best Islanders from season nine, but he did stumble when it came to Casa Amor. While Jessie was on the day beds, Will got to know bombshell Layla. The pair shared a bed, got intimate and eventually Will pied her off when he realised Jessie was likely staying staying loyal to him in Casa Amor.

Despite Will and Jessie facing troubles after Casa Amor, they have gone from strength to strength and have been travelling across the world together. Jessie stayed with Will in the UK as soon as she left the villa and lived with him and his family, helping out on the farm. After a couple of months in the UK, the pair jetted off to Australia where Will got to meet Jessie’s family for the first time.

The couple also travelled to the USA and visited Los Angeles and Chicago where they got to go to their first baseball game and went on some truly amazing dates.


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The couple also travelled to the USA and visited Los Angeles and Chicago where they got to go to their first baseball game and went on some truly amazing dates.


Tanya caused some major shock after her Casa Amor antics in early 2023. The OG Islander was coupled up with Shaq from the very start and before they were separated in Casa Amor they had told each other they loved one another. However Tanya strayed and recoupled with Martin and brought him back to the main villa.

As Casa Amor twists go, it didn’t take long for Tanya to go back to what she new and made things right with Shaq. The couple later came in fourth place and are still together. They are now living together and have been on some lavish holidays with one another ever since.

Tanya has since revealed her thought process behind bringing Martin back to the main villa and why she got her head turned while away at Casa Amor.

“You’re not there for long”, Tanya told The Sun. “You meet these six boys and you can imagine how they feel because that’s how you felt when you walked in. So you’re thinking, I need to at least give these people a chance, even if it’s a friendly thing.

“You also don’t know what’s happening in the other villa. I think a lot of people think, ‘What if I don’t give this a chance and what if I look silly? What if he’s over there doing something?’ It’s the fear of the unknown.”


Liam’s Casa Amor behaviour was quite possibly the most explosive Love Island had ever seen. He was in a strong couple with Millie while in the main villa but had his head turned by Lillie. The pair kissed, shared a bed and everyone thought he was going to recouple with her but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. Despite Liam remaining single, Lillie came back to the villa to spill all the tea about her antics with Liam.

Millie and Liam faced some difficulties after Casa Amor but they eventually rekindled their romance and became boyfriend and girlfriend. After one year together the pair split up but have since been sparking rumours they have reunited, following going on a cruise together. Wholesome!


Jacques caused non-stop chaos when he was in Casa Amor, claiming it was all just a big “test” to see how strong his connection was with Paige. Jacques tested his connection with Cheyanne in the villa and she even thought he was going to bring her back to the main villa.

“I felt like I had a connection with someone. I suppose my version of a test is different to someone else’s,” Cheyanne said, explaining Jacques’ behaviour in Casa Amor. “He said he can’t trust himself, shared a bed. I wasn’t sure but I know Paige is a nice girl, hope he treats her nice.”

Jacques’ behaviour led to his relationship breakdown with Paige and he quit the villa soon after. Since Love Island, Jacques has gone back to playing rugby and has re-signed for Castleford Tigers.

Jacques left the club in 2022 to go on the TV show and now his former club signed him on a deal until the end of the 2023 season. On his return to the club, Jacques said: “I just can’t wait to be back playing the sport I love again and being back around the ground with the boys.”

“Hopefully, in the near future, I’ll be back playing competitive rugby again because it’s been what I’ve been thinking about doing since I came out of Love Island.

“I’ve always wanted to play rugby again; it’s never been the case that I didn’t want to come back to it. It’s what I’ve loved doing since I was a child. To be able to run out at a packed-out Jungle again will be a bit mad. I absolutely can’t wait to get started!”

Indiyah and Dami

Indiyah and Dami had a strong relationship in the villa but their heads were turned and they brought back different people into the villa. Indiyah recoupled with Deji but their couple didn’t last very long and Indiyah eventually went back to Dami. Dami recoupled with Summer during Casa Amor but soon dumped her for Indiyah.

Since the show, Indiyah and Dami have remained in a couple and will soon celebrate their one year anniversary together. Over the past year, the couple have been on some epic holidays to countries like Japan, Matla and Iceland. The couple have celebrated milestones together including Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

In November 2022, it was announced the couple were moving in together in an apartment in London. “So we’re both looking forward to moving in and getting ready for Christmas actually, it’ll be our first one together,” Indiyah said at the time of the news.

Tasha and Andrew

Andrew and Tasha were coupled up from the very start and despite their heads turning every now and again, they were pretty solid going into Casa Amor. Both of them explored their connections elsewhere and Tasha recoupled with Billy while Andrew recoupled with Coco and delivered the iconic line: “I licked her tit or whatever”.

Since then, the couple have stayed in a relationship and have been more wholesome each day. Tasha and Andrew moved in together and have recently adopted a dog called Luna Le Page. I’m not crying, you are.

“We the cool dog parents now,” Tasha wrote on Instagram. “Luna we love you so much! Thank you @aloradogrescue and Homeward bound for getting her to us safely. Anyone looking to adopt I can’t recommend Alora dog rescue enough! Huge thank you.”


Michael and Amber were one of the strongest couples in the season five villa but their connection clearly wasn’t that strong as Michael recoupled with Joanna. Joanna and Michael seemed to be bonding until she was dumped from the Island and Michael made the decision to stay on and attempt to crack on with Amber.

Michael is now a transformation coach and a presenter for the NFL, MTV UK and JD Sports. The former Islander has been travelling all over the world covering big sporting events, like the Tommy Fury and Jake Paul boxing match.


Josh Denzel was the first person to ever cause major chaos in Casa Amor. While he was in a strong couple with Georgia Steel in the main villa, he found a connection with Kaz Crossley. The pair dated for six months outside of the villa but eventually called it a day on their relationship.

Josh is now in a new relationship and has been with his new partner, Ruby Wong, since 2020. The couple have travelled the world and visited countries such as Oman, Los Angeles, Cancun and Barbados. Josh now works alongside the England football team, following them across the EUROs and World Cup, interviewing a number of players.


Callum was part of one of the most iconic Casa Amor moments in history. Callum was in a couple with Shaughna Phillips in the main villa but had his heard turned by Molly Smith and they are still together three years on.

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