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Explosive drama and chaos: Paul C. Brunson reveals all about the ‘crazy’ MAFS UK 2023 season

I need it on E4 NOW!

Married at First Sight UK will soon be on our TV screens later this summer, and relationship expert Paul C. Brunson has revealed what viewers can expect, dubbing the most “explosive ” yet.

As he prepares for the new series to air on E4, Paul has let viewers in on a few insights on the upcoming season and what they can expect.

via Channel 4

Filming is still ongoing for the ‘crazy series’

It’s clear that season is more explosive than ever with filming still going on for it. Paul believes this season will be their “most incredible yet”.

“We’re almost finished filming this series and I think this will be our most incredible one yet,” he told OK!.

“Every day I show up to set and don’t know what to expect – and what happened would always blow my mind. It’s been a crazy series.”

It’s the most diverse cast they have had

Something Paul has emphasised since giving tit bits about the upcoming series, is that it is the most “diverse” cast he has ever seen since working on the show.

“The one thing I can say about it is that I think we have the most diverse cast that I’ve ever seen on any reality dating show in the world,” he said.

“As a result of it being so extremely diverse, that creates so much conversation and drama.”

via Channel 4

MAFS UK 2023 is going to be ‘explosive, explosive, explosive’

Paul said the only way he could sum up the new season of MAFS UK is as “explosive, explosive, explosive”. He previously said the new season isn’t for the “faint-hearted” and I cannot wait.

Speaking to The Sun, Paul said: “I believe this year of MAFS UK will be the most diverse cast ever in the history of dating in the UK. To me it’s going to be a true cross section of the nation. It’s not for the faint-hearted. I still have to see my therapist throughout this.”

Paul teased the upcoming 2023 MAFS UK season as their “best series” yet. “For those who want to see roller coaster love stories, you’ve got them,” he revealed.

“For those who want to see couples implode, you got that. For those that want to see how couples compare against each other, it’s there. Wait till you see the dinner parties! No offence to Love Island, but this year it seems people want to know when MAFS is starting. It’s coming guys.”

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