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Molly Marsh’s mum has denied she works for ITV following Casa Amor return

‘Don’t believe this nonsense, it’s not fair on us or Molly’

Molly Marsh’s mum has been forced to deny she works for ITV or has an affiliation with Love Island following her daughter’s return to the show on Casa Amor.

Viewers have dubbed Molly as a producer favourite, with some thinking her mum may have something to do with it. It was previously reported Molly’s mother, Janet, worked as an actress and had appeared on Coronation Street a handful of times.

However Janet has since set the record straight about all the rumours.

“I just want to put you all straight on this ‘producer plant’ rubbish,” she wrote on social media, as reported by Planet Radio.

“I do NOT work for ITV!! I never have! And [I] don’t know where this ridiculous idea has come from. I’m a teacher and part time actress and mum! Unless there is someone with the same name at ITV, but it’s 100 per cent not me. So please don’t believe this nonsense, it’s not fair on us or Molly.”

According to her IMDb, Janet’s earliest acting credit is in Where the Heart Is as Pippa. Her latest appearance was in 2018 in the TV short Cerulean as a news reporter. Her other acting credits include Still Open All Hours, Love, Lies and Records, In the Dark and Bodies.

Talking about her mum ahead of her appearance on Love Island, Molly said: “We already have been very big and of the show. They know how the show works and what it entails. So they are really excited for me and they know how much I love being in a relationship.”

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