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Parties to protests: The maddest things you’ve forgotten happened on Club Penguin

I’m still not over Operation: Blackout tbh

When Club Penguin was shut down in 2017, the internet lost a true masterpiece. It had it all – an igloo you could customise, fun mini-games, and ICONIC monthly parties.

It really was the best online game the late 2000s and early 2010s had to offer, and I don’t think that’s just my nostalgia speaking. Looking back, the attention to detail in Club Penguin’s world building was actually insane, something which made the island’s in-game features and events so fun.

Looking back over its 12-year life span, so much happened on this beloved virtual island. So from parties to protests, here are the maddest things that happened on Club Penguin that you probably forgot about:

We all went on pizza parlour ‘dates’

Back before the days of Tinder and Hinge, there was Club Penguin. Nothing beat the feeling of waddling around the Plaza and being asked the island’s go-to pick up line: “are you a boy or a girl”. Getting to know them with a backdrop of the Pizza Parlour’s romantic atmosphere, it was truly something.

I remember it used to get so dramatic, penguins would interject and ‘steal’ dates from each other, jealously, stand-offs, heartbreak, it was like Disney’s unintentional answer to Love Island. Often surrounding all this were penguins fighting over who was the Pizza Parlour’s manager. That place was actually chaos.

The Penguin Band released an actual EP and it slapped

Back in 2013 Club Penguins in-game rock band, creatively named The Penguin Band, released an EP collaboration with island-DJ Candence that was available to download on iTunes. I know that because when I was eight this was genuinely one of the first albums I ever downloaded.

The album contains five songs, including iconic tunes such as Anchors Aweigh and Ghosts Just Wanna Dance, as well as the Dubstep Puffle song. The album is available to stream on Spotify.

Sabrina Carpenter performed in-game