Messaging Snapchat AI to find out what kind of York student it would be

It’s literally obsessed with Vanbrugh?

Snapchat’s AI is kinda weird, and I’m still not sure what it actually does. So why not put it to the test, Uni of York edition, and find out exactly what kind of York student it would be? Plus, it replies quicker than my best mate anyway, so there’s that.

Q. If you studied at Uni of York what would you study?

Elite choice (but I’m not biased or anything…)

Q. If you were a York student, which college would you live in?

Interesting, but fair.

Q. Which York student stereotype do you relate to the most: sporty in James, party lover in Derwent, or musician in Vanbrugh?

Wow, bit obsessed with Vanbrugh.

Q. If you were a York student what would your favourite club be?

Really? Fibbers has been shut for 3 years, but you do you x

Q. Do you know Jason Reilly?

Something seems a bit off here…?

Q. Opinions on Long Boi’s death?

Criminal. Where’ve you been??

Q. Why do the geese keep attacking me?

David Attenborough or Snapchat AI? Seriously though, West is like the Hunger Games at the minute. Get your umbrellas ready.

Q. Where can I go on a date in York?

Getting my kayak out as we speak x

And finally, the big question…

Q. Why does Campus West not have a Greg’s?

No, I’ve not checked out the Campus Stories and I still want a Gregs!

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