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Love Island 2023 unaired scenes

All the unaired scenes viewers didn’t see on Love Island, according to dumped Islanders

Tyrique apparently apologised to Catherine after the fire pit argument

Like with any reality TV show that records its contestants for hours on end each day, only a certain amount makes it into each episode. More specifically when it comes to Love Island, the Islanders are recorded for 24 hours each day and viewers are only shown one hour. So it makes sense not everything makes the cut.

A number of Islanders have been dumped from the villa as the series enters its final two weeks. Since leaving the villa, dumped Love Island 2023 contestants have been spilling what really went down in unaired scenes that viewers may have only got a glimpse of or none at all.

From attempting to quit the show to arguments so bad security had to step in, here are all the unaired scenes of Love Island 2023, according to those who were all in the villa.

Tyrique tried to quit the show after Casa Amor but was convinced to stay

Pictured is Tyrique in an article about Love Island 2023 unaired scenes

via ITV

Montel was dumped from the villa alongside Leah and has since revealed the aftermath of the explosive Casa Amor recoupling which saw Ella bring back Ouzy while Tyrique remained single.

Speaking to Toby Aromolaran on his podcast, Montel said Tyrique’s “head was gone” when Ella walked into the villa with Ouzy and even tried to leave the show.

“Ty’s head was gone. He didn’t know how to think, he was trying to leave. We had to talk to him so many times and sit him down to get him to relax,” he explained.

Montel added he told Tyrique to speak to Ella and hear her side of things. “I was close with Ella, she’s not a d*ckhead and she does like him a lot so I know she must have a reason. I was just saying give it time and speak to her and see what she says,” he continued.

Montel revealed that there were some Islanders who were pushing Tyrique to cut Ella off. He claimed Scott told Tyrique to cut things off with Ella as they were closed off and she “violated” him by bringing back Ouzy.

Montel revealed that there were some Islanders who were pushing Tyrique to cut Ella off. He claimed Scott told Tyrique to cut things off with Ella as they were closed off and she “violated” him by bringing back Ouzy.

Early on in the series, Catherine and Scott were in a couple however they split after Catherine brought Elom back to the main villa. Before this, the other Islanders often questioned Scott’s feelings towards Catherine which led to the explosive fire pit moment were Scott called everyone out.

Catherine has gone into further detail about how that moment all came out in unaired scenes on Love Island 2023. Speaking to ODE, Catherine said: “The boys were kind of saying, ‘He’s a goalkeeper. Why doesn’t he talk about football?’ That was the main reason of that whole fire pit moment.

“They were just questioning his intentions. But my whole point was even if he did come in here with a game plan, you can’t deny that we are getting along. People can change. You may have come in there with that but when you’re in there it’s so different.”

Apparently former bombshells have told the Islanders that Whitney was the public favourite

Pictured is Whitney and Lochan in an article about Love Island 2023 unaired scenes

via ITV

It was revealed at the beach club that Whitney and Lochan were the public’s favourite couple, but according to Montel, everyone already knew that.

During a podcast appearance, Montel said he “knows” Whitney will be in the top two of finalists, “because everyone loves Whitney”.

“We knew because when people come in you might get a little hint,” he explained. “We knew everyone loved Whitney and I knew that as well because I was watching the show from the outside.”

It was Amber who said no one wanted to get to know Scott

via ITV

A moment that led to 1,000 Ofcom complaints was Leah’s comment towards Scott. However, Catherine has since cleared up how that all came about.

“Prior to movie night, when I was trying to find out what Scott was doing in Casa Amor, both the Casa girls and the boys were saying Scott would’ve cracked on and did a madness if Gabby didn’t say Sammy,” Catherine told ODE.

“That’s what they were saying, I didn’t put that forward. So when it came to movie night there was a lot that was edited out.”

Talking about the comment made during movie night, Catherine claimed that “Amber actually started it”.

“Amber actually said it, she was the one that came with this comment. We were like, ‘Hm okay’. The boys were coming to us like, ‘What did she say?’, and Leah was like, ‘It’s not mine to say’. She didn’t actually want to say it,” she explained.

During movie night Catherine was arguing with Mitch, not Scott

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Although it may have seemed liked Catherine was having a go at Scott during the movie night episode, she claims it was actually very different. During Casa Amor, Catherine received her suitcase which had been packed by Scott and she claims he hadn’t put any thought into it. Catherine said nothing in her suitcase was packed appropriately, even down to a bonnet for her to wear to bed.

During movie night, Mitch began making jokes about it which wound her up. She said: “Mitch was being annoying, so I was actually talking to Mitch. They were zooming into my face, not showing who I was speaking to.”

“Mitch was actually like, ‘You’re sad over a bonnet’. And I hated that because bonnet is a Black girl thing,” Catherine explained.

“So he was taking the piss out of the situation and that angered me and I fired back and was like, ‘No. What was said?’ Because no one was saying what Amber said. I wasn’t speaking to Scott, I was speaking to Mitch. They were asking me. The boys and the girls were really getting on each other.”

Tyrique apologised to Catherine after the fire pit incident

When asked by Cosmopolitan if there were any moments on the show she was surprised didn’t air, Catherine said she and Tyrique had a “brother and sister moment” and later apologised for the fire pit moment which saw him critique Scott and Catherine’s relationship.

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