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Omg, Tyrique apparently tried to quit the show after the Casa Amor recoupling

‘His head was gone’

Tyrique apparently wanted to leave the show after Ella brought back Ouzy after Casa Amor, according to Montel. It was fireworks in the villa when Tyrique remained single and Ella did not and it led to an even bigger fallout that viewers did not see.

According to Montel, Tyrique was so angry at the situation he wanted to quit the show but was convinced to stay by the other Islanders. Speaking with Toby Aromolaran, Montel said he and the other boys had to get him to relax following the recoupling.

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“Ty’s head was gone. He didn’t know how to think, he was trying to leave. We had to talk to him so many times and sit him down to get him to relax,” he explained.

“I was saying, ‘Kind of chat to her’, because I spoke to the girls and how it all happened. I was close with Ella, she’s not a d*ckhead and she does like him a lot so I know she must have a reason. I was just saying give it time and speak to her and see what she says.”

Montel revealed that there were some Islanders who were pushing Tyrique to cut Ella off because she brought Ouzy back. Montel claimed Scott told Tyrique to cut things off with Ella as they were closed off and she “violated”.

“Some people were like, ‘Cut it off, she’s violating’. Scott was like, ‘Nah’,” he continued, adding: “He was in a similar situation with Catherine and his angle on the situation was he was cutting her off. So he was saying to Ty he had to do the same thing. I was a lot more understanding about the situation.”

Tyrique and Ella recently told each other that they love one another proving they have left everything all in the past.

You can watch the full podcast here.

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