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Love Island 2023 winners predictions

A relationship expert has predicted which couple will win Love Island 2023

I can’t believe there’s one week left

As we enter the final week of Love Island 2023, it’s become a tough call as to which couple will take the crown from reigning champs Sanam and Kai. The new Love Island 2023 winners will be crowned on July 31st and everyone has been sharing their predictions on social media.

Where you’ve been rooting for the same couple since the start or a couple only starting their journey has caught your eye, the winner of Love Island 2023 will soon be revealed.

Relationship expert and co-founder of dating app So Syncd, Louella Alderson, and has shared her predictions on who the winners of Love Island 2023 will be.

Fourth place – Sammy and Jess

Love Island 2023 winners predictions

via ITV

While Sammy and Jess have had their fair share of ups and downs, they are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Louella said: “Sammy has a lot of red flags that we’ve seen throughout the season. He has been indecisive, continuously flirty and not especially mature in his behaviour. Plus, he kept saying how Jess wasn’t his ‘usual type’ and it sounded like he spoke about her looks in a negative way. Jess is clearly a forgiving person who is very keen on Sammy as she has taken Sammy back after all of her doubts and worries.”

Louella believes, although they could make it to the final, they face a difficulty of Jess’ friends and family not being huge fans of Sammy.

“This could be a potential obstacle in their relationship when they move forward outside the villa,” the So Syncd co-founder explained.

“Clearly, from Jess’ reaction, her friend’s opinions are important to her, and she knows they will have seen a side to him that she has missed. Jess and Sammy are clearly drawn to each other but it’s hard to tell how strong their bond is, given how often he has strayed away from Jess on every given opportunity. Although now they are official, that could quickly change.”

Third place – Zach and Molly

Love Island 2023 winners predictions

via ITV

Zach and Molly are a couple who have been together from roughly the very start. Even when they were apart after Molly was dumped from the Island, they found their way back to each other during Casa Amor.

Zach and Molly are a couple who have been together from roughly the very start. Even when they were apart after Molly was dumped from the Island, they found their way back to each other during Casa Amor.

It’s clear Molly and Zach wouldn’t necessarily meet on the outside, but them meeting on Love Island has clearly worked out for them.

“Molly and Zach are clearly very different – they even voted themselves the most unlikely couple. But it’s these differences that make them work. Despite having very different backgrounds and have diverse personalities, they are on the same wavelength,” Louella explained.

“In the outside world, Zach and Molly will face a lot of challenges like any other couple. But they also have the most potential to grow outside of the villa, and they can use their qualities to support each other when life in the real world gets tough.”

Second place – Lochan and Whitney

via ITV

Viewers may be split on this opinion given a lot of people are rooting for Whitney to win the series. Louella predicts that the couple will be a “close runner-up for the winning couple”.

“Whitney and Lochan are clearly a good couple, and their relationship has grown in a steady and healthy way,” she explained.

“They both appreciate each other’s qualities and don’t try to change each other. However, Whitney and Lochan haven’t had any tests like most of the other couples have and, as a result, it’s hard to be sure if they are strong enough to survive outside of the villa.”

Winners – Tyrique and Ella

via ITV

Louella’s predictions have been on the money thus fur and she believes OG couple Tyrique and Ella will be crowned the new winners of Love Island 2023.  The couple have been coupled up since the very start and despite a bump, or several, in the road they have confessed their love for each other and seem to be moving towards a relationship.

“I think Ty and Ella will win Season 10 of Love Island,” Louella said.

“Tyrique and Ella are referred to as the nation’s favourite toxic couple. They have been interested in each other since the start, and from the way Ty and Ella keep going back to each other despite their arguments, it’s obvious that there is still a strong bond between them.

“They have had the biggest ‘journey’ in the villa and grown the most. As a result, they are the strongest couple, although that isn’t saying a lot this season.”

Although they could win the series, Louella admits they “still have a lot of work to do”.

She continued: “While Ty and Ella could win this season, there is still a high chance they won’t make it on the outside world with the added temptations and the reality of their relationship after the villa.”

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