Love Island broke rule

A brief history of every time a Love Islander ‘broke the rules’ in the villa

Some of them have been very cheeky

While you may think Love Island is a free holiday for some, you couldn’t be more wrong. Sure, you get flown out to Mallorca and spend two months trying to find the love of your life, but there are a set of intense rules you have to follow to ensure you can stay in there for that long.

Over the years, former Islanders have let slip all the times they got a little telling off for going against the rules of the producers. Now, none of them are insane rules but they’re so petty it’d make you rethink about applying. Here’s a brief history of every time a Love Island broke the rules while on the show.


Love Island broke rule

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Winter Love Island finalist Ron Hall revealed he broke a major rule before even stepping foot in the villa. The former Islander told the Not my Bagg podcast he told a few people he was going on the show, which isn’t allowed.

“I told quite a few of my boys that I was going in which obviously I know you’re not meant to,” he admitted.


Love Island broke rule

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Olivia Hawkins appeared on winter Love Island in early 2023 and claimed she and the other Islanders “got away” with a very unique rule break. She explained that when the camera crew weren’t filming the during their off days, she and the other Islanders would “try to shout over to the other Islanders in the main villa”.

“There is only one camera crew so they would be going between the two villas, so when they weren’t there, we would change the sheets,” she told OK!

“We were a bit naughty when the camera crew wasn’t around as we would try to shout over to the other Islanders in the main villa, but we got away with it.”


Love Island broke rule

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The news of Antigoni entering the villa in 2022 was leaked a week or so before she joined the cast and she was able to see just what people thought of her before hand.

The news of Antigoni entering the villa in 2022 was leaked a week or so before she joined the cast and she was able to see just what people thought of her before hand.

“I wasn’t meant to know, but I’m going to say this now because I don’t really care. We weren’t meant to have our phones or anything [in the days leading up to entering the villa]. We had an Amazon Fire Stick in the [holding] villa we were staying in, so I would just get up early and go and check all my sh-t,” she claimed.

Tom and Casey

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Like every season of Love Island, the cast aren’t able to have their actual phones and instead have phones provided for them which hey can only receive texts on from producers and take pictures with.

However Maxwell Samuda claimed that Tom and Casey “accidentally hacked into their phones” and downloaded Instagram and social media onto a Love Island phone. Maxwell said the boys handed in their phones after “freaking out” about the rule breach.

However, a Love Island spokesperson said regarding the claim: “No islanders have downloaded or had access to social media while in the villa.”

Sam and Georgia

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Georgia and Sam’s relationship was non-stop drama when they coupled up. During the show, the pair were forced to split up and ultimately made the choice to leave the series together. But before that, they were told they couldn’t couple up with each other again and hours after they were spotted kissing and sleeping on the sofa together.

At the time, viewers called for them to be chucked out of the villa due to them breaking the rules by not staying in separate beds.


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Now this is a more serious rule break. During the show’s second season, Malia became the first Islander to be kicked out of the villa after she got into a physical altercation with Kady.

Their argument began when Kady accidentally spilled her drink on Malia’s leg. “Did you do that deliberately?” Malia asked, which sparked a major argument between the pair.

It led to Malia pushing Kady and being kicked off the show. She later apologised to Kady and said she “completely regretted” her actions.


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Winter Love Island cast member Anna-May Robey claimed she was “told off” by producers for “trying to have a conversation” with Lana under the sheets on a night off.

She told Daily Star: “They [producers] actually have a microphone in the headboard and we were trying to talk and then they’d come on the ‘voice of god’ and be like ‘Anna-May and Lana, shut up! We have a big day tomorrow you need to sleep. But we didn’t we just needed to be up early for filming and they didn’t want us to talk about anything they couldn’t film.”


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Sherif Lanre was famously kicked out of the villa for “breaking the rules”. At the time of the show, a Love Island spokesperson said: “After breaking the villa rules Sherif had conversations with the producers and it was mutually agreed that he would leave the Love Island villa.”

In 2022, Sherif revealed that he and Molly-Mae had a “karate play fight” before getting ready for bed and his leg had touched her groin but he hadn’t kicked her.

After the accidental kick, they continued to play fight, brushed their teeth and went to bed. Sherif recalled getting woken up in the early hours of the morning at what he assumed was around 4am. He was taken to a hut with two managers who “grilled” him about what had happened with Molly-Mae, telling him he had violated their code of conduct.

When asked if he referred to the altercation as a “c**t punch”, Sherif said that after it had happened, Tommy Fury had joined the two upstairs and Sherif said to him: “that’s a c**t punch”, and said that both Tommy and Molly began to laugh. Sherif said: “If I had actually hurt that girl, I wouldn’t have made a joke about it.”

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