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Kady claims Casa Amor bombshell Elom only went on Love Island for his business

She has been spilling the tea!

Love Island 2023 bombshell Kady has claimed that Elom admitted to going on the show for his business, rather than finding love.

Since being dumped from the villa, Kady has been spilling all the from from revealing Mitch’s game plan to calling out Molly.

Yesterday it was revealed that Catherine and Elom had split up, alongside Leah and Montel, just days after being dumped from the villa.

During an appearance on Reality with Will Njobvu, Kady said: “I’m actually quite upset about the Catherine and Elom thing! We really backed Catherine and Elom.”

When asked about how they were in the villa, given Elom said he was planning on focusing on himself, Kady said: “So why did he go on Love Island?”

“Oh he even said didn’t he? ‘I’m only on Love Island for my business,'” she added. Will then began to laugh and Kady continued: “You can tell because of his TikToks!”

It has been reported that Catherine and Elom were the first to breakup from Love Island 2023 with an insider telling The Sun the pair “kept up a pretence” of being together whilst doing interviews post show.

They said: “The pair struggled to make it work in the real world and barely saw each other since the show ended. They kept up a bit of a pretence, while they did the podcast circuit, but everyone knew it was over before it even really started.

“Catherine’s sister made no secret about her feelings towards Elom so it’s no surprise she cooled things off straight away.”


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