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Mitchel game plan Love Island

Um, Kady says Mitchel admitted to having a game plan on Love Island

He has apparently studied every season of the show

A number of dumped Islanders have claimed Mitchel has a  game plan after he admitted it to them while in the Love Island villa. Two-time bombshell Kady McDermott spilled all the tea on Mitch after branding his and Ella’s B relationship as fake, and loads of Islanders have been backing her up.

Viewers have recently seen Mitch call Ella B fake but then making it exclusive with her without letting her know his doubts. But what is this game plan Mitchel apparently has on Love Island? Here’s everything the dumped Islanders have said.

Speaking with Heat, Kady said: “Ella B and Mitch. It’s fake from both sides. In the villa we were with each other every second of the day. We know if there is genuine connections or not. Them two are faking it.”

via ITV

The interviewer then said she didn’t think Mitch realised he was on TV most of the time but Kady was quick to shut that down.

“Or maybe because he knows everyone [is] going to vote them for the compatibility,” she replied. “So he’s being smart because Mitch is very like, he’s studied every series of Love Island. He’s like [a] super fan [of] Love Island.

“He even said to me he wants to be a memorable character. I think he’s smart, he knows that they’re all going to vote them as the least compatible so he’s throwing that madness out there, Ella B’s fake to confirm the fact that he knows they’re already going.”

Dumped Casa Amor Islanders Tink and Gabby have backed up Kady’s point, saying Mitch is “open” about his game plan. Speaking on the Pop Off podcast, Tink said: “Whoever Mitch likes, you’re in. He openly says it, he’s just too much about the game. The game as in the show. Everything he says and does, it’s for the show.”

Messy Mitch is a name we have all come to know and sometimes love, and Catherine revealed he knows what he is doing. During a conversation with Heat, Catherine said: “I just think Mitch is, you know, he has Ella and he’s happy,” before Elom pointed out, “He’s messy though.”

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