Montel sheds light on why he and Leah split up after being dumped from Love Island

‘It’s not ideally what I would have wanted’

Dumped Islander Montel has revealed why he and Leah split up after leaving the show together. Leah and Montel formed a connection on Love Island, however it all came to an end just days after they were dumped from the villa.

While Leah released a pretty cryptic statement about what happened, Montel has cleared up some confusion, with many fans assuming it was down to Leah watching back what happened in Casa Amor.

During a podcast appearance, Montel said his split with Leah isn’t what he would have wanted but has respected Leah’s decision.

“She’s a mature girl that’s why I liked her in the first place, she doesn’t make rash decisions, she doesn’t do things for the sake of it. If that’s how she sees it, she’s got to run with it,” he explained.

Leah Montel split up

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“We’ve spoken about it and I understand where she’s coming from and we spoke a lot in depth about how she’s feeling, how I’m feeling. It kind of made sense. We’ll see how things know, you never know.”

Montel admitted that the pair are “still talking” and that they “do still like each other a lot” and are just going to see what happens from there.

“I wouldn’t have wanted my journey to be with anyone else and she’s the same. Real life man,” he added.

Confirming their breakup prior to the podcast, Leah noted they had “decided to just be friends”.”We get on really well and I do really like him, but I feel like for me it’s never enough. I’m obviously looking for someone long-term and shares the same values and morals as me,” she said.

“I know I’m someone who has very, very high standards, but I feel like there’s just certain things in people that I’m not able to overlook. I’m glad we built a really good connection while we were there and I know that we’re always going to be friends, but in terms of romantic; we’ve decided to end things.”

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