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Josh White calls out awards show for airing ’emasculating’ clip of him from MAFS Australia

‘I found it in poor taste’

MAFS Australia groom Josh White has called out the Logie Awards for playing a “emasculating” clip of him from his time on the show, rather than two people who remained a couple after the show on his Instagram story.

The clip in question was the moment his onscreen wife Melissa Sheppard questioned his manhood on the show.

“If I can be allowed a moment to comment – I found it in poor taste to use very specific footage of me in the first award nomination,” he said on his Instagram story.

“If the show was really about love, then why not show the two couples that successfully made the journey and celebrate that? Instead, they used footage of me being emasculated to a national TV audience.”

The former groom then appeared on 2DAY FM’s show Hughesy, Ed & Erin, and said it was “shocking” to see the moment replayed for the awards ceremony.

“As I was tucking in the kids for bed, I missed the segment, only to receive a text from Rupert that they’d featured a clip of me,” he explained.

“It was quite shocking. The essence of the show is to discover love with a stranger. There were two lovely couples that lasted the duration, so why not applaud them instead of showcasing an incredibly belittling scene?”

He also pointed out another clip used was of Caitlin McConville and Shannon Adams, another couple who left the show early in the series after failing to make their relationship work.

Josh further noted his frustration over the use of the footage, yet he wasn’t invited to attend.


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