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‘If my name gets you views then keep going’: Scott spills all the tea about his co-stars

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Scott has only be out of the villa a week and has already been spilling the tea about his Love Island co-stars, clearing up all the rumours about him and I am so here for it. One thing viewers have noticed is that Scott was often a topic of conversation for dumped Islanders when appearing on podcasts and doing interviews, and he has been quick to clear up a lot of the claims made about him.

From being the messiest in the villa to being a game player, Scott has had it all and has even told his fellow Islanders to not take anything to heart while he is appearing on various podcasts now the show is over. So what exactly has he had to say?

Here’s all the rumours that Scott has put to bed as well as addressing everything that went down in Casa Amor.

Scott addresses the game player claims from those in the villa

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While on Love Island, Scott faced a lot of game player accusations and Islanders who were dumped from the show often said it was because he spoke about followers on his social media. Speaking with On Demand Entertainment, Scott said it wasn’t just him but rather everyone in the villa was too.

“I think everyone in there, obviously it’s never shown, but everyone in there is talking about followers. It’s a conversation within the boys, every single one of us mentioned it,” he explained.

During the show, Scott was often called a game player by Tyrique and Mitch – something he has fiercely denied while explaining why he did things the way he did.

“I don’t know why I was singled out, I probably didn’t talk about Catherine in group discussions as much as I should have,” he said.

“What p*ssed me off is that I never said a bad word about the girl. That’s why I pulled everyone around the fire pit and I was like, ‘What have I said? As I’ve not said a bad word. You’re just making assumptions. You’re just making your opinions based off nothing, based off my saying nothing’.

“That’s what it was about so yeah it p*ssed me off a little bit.”

Scott says ‘Kady knows what she’s doing’ following comments she made about him on various podcasts

Since being dumped from the Island, Kady has been on a number of podcasts and radio shows alongside Ouzy, and has often made some remarks about Scott, and he has been quick to shut them down.

Scott said: “My name is a key word. My name seems to get views so keep it going. I spoke to Kady and Ouzy last night and they said, ‘Don’t take anything personally’ and I said ‘Listen when I go on a podcast don’t take anything personally’.”

“Kady knows what she is doing, Kady played the game better than anyone in there. The comments that she made to me, to Molly and Zach, she knows what she’s doing,” he added.

“She’s been in this game for seven years. Every single thing where she acts innocent about it, she’s not acting innocent. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Kady is being Kady, I respect her for it, I love Kady but don’t come at me because you’re doing it better than anyone girl.”

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Scott clears up comments made about his manners in the villa

During a podcast, Kady and Ouzy said Scott was the rudest Islander due to him not saying please and thank you, however Scott has a different version of events.

“I never said please I’ll get that out there,” he told ODE. “I always said thank you. It’d be like, ‘Oh will you chuck us this or will you chuck us some white chocolate from the fridge’. They did it and I say thank you. But after I originally asked they’ll be like, ‘Oh so where’s your please?’

“I understand people saying that but I always said my thank yous.”

Another comment made by dumped Islander Tink, that Scott would often leave shoe marks on his bed was quickly shut down by the former Islander.

He added: “I’ve seen one that Tink said about foot markings on the bed. Another load of sh*t. So I don’t know if any of you can ever see the beds. So you’d lie on your bed and then I’d put my feet up on the end of the bed. There was a little white backboard and I’d put my feet on there.”

Scott finally addresses who started the rumour that no one wanted him in Casa Amor

During Movie Night, a comment was made that none of the girls in Casa Amor wanted to get to know him, something that caused 1,000 Ofcom complaints.

Since then, it has been revealed that Amber initially said the comment and Scott had cleared up what went down from his perspective.

“Movie night p*ssed me off a lot. I can sort of get passed things, I can take a step back and things don’t really affect me. Movie night was the one night in the whole thing that properly affected me. That p*ssed me off so much,” he explained.

“I think it was Amber who started the rumour, or Amber had told the girls that I was going after all the girls [in Casa Amor] and no one was interested in me. So they think no one wanted you. Now that would be hard for me to take even if it was true.

“The fact that it was a lie and now everyone has seen that it was a lie and everyone from the outside can see it was a lie, Gabby’s come out saying it was a lie.”

You can watch the full interview here:

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