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Scott says Kady ‘played the game better than anyone’ on Love Island 2023

Scottisha strikes again!

Love Island 2023 bombshell Scott has been spilling all the tea about his co-stars and this time round he’s had a fair bit to say about Kady.

Since being dumped from the villa, Kady has been appearing on podcasts and in a lot of them she has been talking about Scott. Whether it’s certain things Scott said, or him being rude and messy in the villa, a lot of dumped Islanders have had said a thing or two to say.

Scott appeared on the On Demand Entertainment podcast and was quick to fire back at Kady’s claims, with one of his own. He claimed that Kady knew what she was doing in the villa, which I guess is fair enough given she’d done it before seven years ago.

“Kady knows what she is doing, Kady played the game better than anyone in there. The comments that she made to me, to Molly and Zach, she knows what she’s doing,” he explained.

“She’s been in this game for seven years. Every single thing where she acts innocent about it, she’s not acting innocent. She knows exactly what she’s doing. Kady is being Kady, I respect her for it, I love Kady but don’t come at me because you’re doing it better than anyone girl.”

Kady had previously claimed that Mitchel admitted to have a game plan while on the show, something he apparently told everyone in the villa.

“Mitch is very like, he’s studied every series of Love Island. He’s like [a] super fan [of] Love Island,” she told Heat.

“He even said to me he wants to be a memorable character. I think he’s smart, he knows that they’re all going to vote them as the least compatible so he’s throwing that madness out there, Ella B’s fake to confirm the fact that he knows they’re already going.”

Scott said later on during the podcast that he spoke with Kady and Ouzy during a Love Island final watch party, in which they told him to not take any podcast comments personally, and so he said it right back.

He said: “My name is a key word. My name seems to get views so keep it going. I spoke to Kady and Ouzy last night and they said, ‘Don’t take anything personally’ and I said ‘Listen when I go on a podcast don’t take anything personally’.”

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