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Tyrique unfollows Love Island 2022’s Danica after she liked shady comments about Ella


If you’ve been waiting for some post-show drama, here it is! Tyrique has apparently unfollowed Love Island 2022 star Danica Taylor after she liked some shady comments about him and Ella during the show.

Now, it’s quite messy because it isn’t 100 per cent clear whether Tyrique followed her in the first place, but from a comment she made on TikTok, it does suggest they knew one another prior to this year’s show.

Under one of Danica’s TikTok videos, a user commented: “Lol tell them [to] send you in and get Ty for yourself. [It] might be difficult because of Ella but you can do it.”

Danica responded to the comment and wrote: “Like Ouzy for Ella, I’m a very familiar face haha”. Oop!

In the comment section it can be seen that Danica liked another user’s comment that read: “I don’t know why but I’m hoping you and Ty somehow get together. You won’t take no bullsh*t and he’ll like that. Love Ella but she allows too much.”

Tyrique and Ella came in third place on Love Island 2023 and had their fair share of ups and downs on the show. Two major moments in their journey together included when Ella brought back Ouzy to the main villa, someone she had met on the outside before the show. The second moment was when Tyrique’s former fling, Ella B, came into the villa and tried to shake things up.

The day after getting their phones back, Ella posted a video of her iconic line telling Tyrique to shut it down between Ella B, as things could’ve been taken the wrong way. Was this a bit of shade? Who knows!

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