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Everyone’s making AI-generated images of themselves, here’s how you can make your own

The images of Jamie Laing will haunt me in my sleep

Literally everyone, everywhere has tried AI by now, whether that be to bulk out an essay or create a new LinkedIn headshot. Despite how it looks, it’s easy to work out how to do it – so easy that even loads of celebrities have hopped on the trend. And while some of the generated photos are insanely accurate, others are genuinely terrifying. Whether you were wowed by Jamie Laing’s sudden growth of hair, or weirded out by Ant and Dec’s bizarre summer holiday Instagram pic, you’ll be relieved to know that they’re just pictures generated by AI. So here’s exactly how to make the best AI images yourself.

Here’s how to make your own AI images

Most of the most popular sites used by celebs who’re posting these AI generated images cost, but there are alternatives you can use to recreate similar images. One alternative is Starry AI. Starry AI gives you two free image creations before asking for you to purchase more credits – but you can also earn credits for free by watching ads. It then creates images using a text prompt you provide – these work by combining data based on prompts you give them. The more prompts you provide, the more specific the photo is. This can be anything from celebrities with gnarly facial tattoos, to asking the tool to create an image of Harry Styles made out of cake.

Other images have been created using Lensa, an app which has a free trial and creates photos dependent on images you upload. Again using AI, Lensa creates a whole load of weird images in different poses, backgrounds and styles. The app asks for 10 images showing a wide range of expressions, angles and facial features before conjuring up a load of creepy pictures of yourself.

Luckily, there are loads of other apps and websites you can use to play around with creating images of yourself or of celebs and politicians you hate, including Stable Diffusion, Fotor and Nightcafe.

Featured image via @antanddec and @jamielaing on Instagram.

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