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Love Island’s Tasha claps back at TikToker who called her accent ‘annoying’

She used the moment to educate her followers

Love Island 2022 star Tasha Ghouri hit back at a TikTok user who called her deaf accent “annoying” in a comment under one of her videos.

Tasha rose to fame on the reality TV series last year after coming in fourth place alongside her boyfriend, Andrew Le Page. Tasha was the show’s first ever deaf contestant and she has used her platform to champion the deaf community following her success from the show.

In a recent TikTok video, Tasha educated her followers about how harmful it can be to mock someone’s deaf accent. In response to a comment that read: “She has that same annoying voice as Tash”, the former Islander was quick to let her followers know how damaging it can be to mock someone in that way.


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“I try really hard to not respond to these kind of comments but I like to use my platform to educate and turn something negative into a positive,” she began.

“So for the deaf community we all have something that’s called a deaf accent and it’s just something that we’re born with, it’s something we genuinely can’t help.”

Tasha then showed a video of her father helping her with her speech after receiving a cochlear implant when she was younger.

“In this video I was five years old. I first got my cochlear implant and as you can see I still use my British Sign Language. At that point I was learning how to actually speak. I was doing my speech therapy and that’s why we were doing the games, pointing out each colour,” she explained.

The former Islander went on to say that every deaf person has an “accent” or “voice”, making it clear it’s something they “cannot help”.

She added: “I’ll be using my platform to educate those that maybe didn’t understand why my voice may ‘come across as annoying’. It’s a shame because I wish the world was so much more open minded and understanding and that is why I went on that show [Love Island] to do that.”

Tasha concluded the video by urging her followers to “think” before saying things, as they “don’t know how much words can hurt people”.

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