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Tater Tot kitten

Viral kitten Tater Tot has died and TikTok has entered a mourning period

Please don’t talk to me

TikTok has been left devastated after it was announced viral kitten, Tater Tot, had died following a week of illness.

TikTok user @kittycrusaid began sharing updates about her rescue cast, who had all four of his legs malformed.

Tater Tot’s journey to recovery was updated on the TikTok page and everyone wished him well. The kitten’s death was announced on a Facebook page created for him.

Ash Houghton rescued and took care of Tater Tot for six and a half weeks before he died. She later explained the kitten was ill for a week and his energy began to decrease.

According to his owner, the kitten was treated for pneumonia but Ash thought Tater Tot could of had a heart condition, but he was too small to have tests run on him.


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The kitten passed away on August 2nd 2023, and Ash thanked him for all the joy be brought with him.

“What started as me sharing some photos of the goofy new foster I had turned into an entire community focused on kindness, humour, and compassion,” she said.

Tater Tot’s death has affected everyone, not just on TikTok. Grumpy Cat shared a tribute to the kitten on Twitter and wrote: “Rest easy Tater Tot.”

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