Love Island 2023 finalists distance

A rundown of the Love Island 2023 finalists who have the longest distance between them

Oh Trainline is about to be rolling in it

With Love Island 2023 now over, fans simply have no idea what to do with themselves in the evenings. Maybe they could go for a run, grab some dinner or even better, keep up to date with what all the finalists have been getting up to now the show is over and see who will really go the distance.

Every finalist this year left the villa with some sort of label, whether they were boyfriend and girlfriend or simply just exclusive, the futures of the finalists are promising. This year in particular has been people from up and down the UK join the show and that couldn’t be more true when it comes to this set of finalists, with one couple living seven hours away from each other.

The couples this year are strong and there’s no doubt they’re going to give everything to make it work, no matter the distance. But just how far apart do they live? Here’s a breakdown of the Love Island 2023 finalists who have the longest distance between them.

Whitney and Lochan – 26 miles

Love Island 2023 finalists distance

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Whitney and Lochan are the finalists with the least to travel. Lochan is from Windsor, but did say he works in London which is even better given Whitney lives in Camden in North London.

Windsor to Camden is only one hour and five minutes by car or an hour and 20 minutes. It’s giving this should be easy for the both of them.

Jess and Sammy – 37 miles

Love Island 2023 finalists distance

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Love Island winners Jess and Sammy have 37 miles in distance between them, with Jess living in London and Sammy living in Kent. The distance could be longer or shorter depending on which part of London Jess lives in.

It would take less than an hour to get from London to Kent. Big up South Eastern railway x

Molly and Zach – 200 miles

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The miles are ramping up here. Zach lives in South London and Molly lives in sunny (sometimes) Doncaster, putting just under four hours and 200.1 miles between them.

The distance from Doncaster to South London is three hours and 56 minutes by car and two hours and 59 minutes by train. Either way, let’s hope they have a banging playlist to get them through it.

Ella and Tyrique – 425 miles

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Ella and Tyrique are the Love Island 2023 finalists with the longest distance between them. Ella is based in Glasgow in Scotland and Tyrique lives in Essex, and according to Google Maps, the pair have a distance of 425.9 miles between them.

A car journey is seven hours and 17 minutes but I feel for anyone who would want to put themselves through that. A plane from Glasgow to London takes around an hour and 15 minutes, which is safe to say a route that will be taken a fair bit.

However, during the final the pair did say they would move to wherever to make things work so it seems these two have got it covered.

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