Love Island 2023 reunion drama

It’s giving drama! Every explosive moment from the Love Island 2023 reunion

Zach went IN on Kady

The Love Island class of 2023 all reunited for one final hurrah as they embark on their new lives with their newfound fame and hundreds of thousands of followers and of course there was drama.

Since the show, sly digs have been made about couples and individuals all in the name of “just answering questions” and it’s safe to say not everyone was too happy.

In case you missed the 95 minute chaos-filled reunion, here’s all the drama that went down at the Love Island 2023 reunion.

Catherine and Scott reunited in a truly wholesome way

Okay this Love Island 2023 reunion moments may not be drama per se, but it’s still worth mentioning. During the reunion, Elom confirmed he had given Catherine and Scott his “blessing” to crack on if they so wished.

When asked if there was anything going on between the two, they looked at each other lovingly and from the looks of some videos circulating on social media, they could be back on the cards. All we have to say is, thank you Ruchee for blessing us with this video.

Whitney’s response to Mehdi was comedy gold

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During the early weeks of Love Island 2023, Mehdi and Whitney were coupled up before he was dumped from the villa in a savage dumping. When Mehdi left the villa, he went on a podcast and said he would be waiting for Whitney on the outside, but when quizzed on that by Maya Jama, he quickly switched up.

“We’ve switched it up a bit, just because they’re a good match, they’re happy together. I’m happy for them,” Mehdi told Maya, to which Whitney replied: “Thanks”.

Maya then asked: “So have you had any catch ups since you’ve been out or spoken at all?”

“No. Not yet,” Mehdi replied and Maya asked: It’s all good vibes though isn’t it?” He added: “From my side it is, yeah.”

Whitney was quick to say how she felt about the situation and Mehdi. She responded: “I don’t care. He’s fine, we’re cool but I feel like when you’re on Love Island you have to speak to everyone, so being coupled up doesn’t mean you’re coupled up. We had a great time together but it wasn’t a relationship.”


Ella B called Abi ‘bitter’ after she spoke about her time coupled up with Mitch

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One moment viewers were waiting for was Abi and Mitch reuniting. The pair coupled up after Casa Amor but Mitch later got to know Ella B, despite Abi claiming she felt she had better chemistry with Mitch than Ella B.

While talking about her point of view during the reunion, Ella B said: “I just think that’s screaming bitter to me.”

“Well that’s just my personal opinion. All I’ll say now is that after being gaslit by a gas engineer, I would never go back there,” Abi clapped back.

When asked if he had anything to say to Abi, Mitch replied: “It kind of fell on deaf ears, I can’t lie. I’m very happy with Ella and that’s about it. I don’t need to say anything to reply to that one. That is whatever it is.”

Kady told Zach to enjoy his ’15 minutes’ of fame

Love Island 2023 reunion drama

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Kady and Zach had a heated discussion at the reunion after he said it was “clear” who had been spreading rumours outside of the villa.

“Our names are in your mouth, your name isn’t in our mouths. I feel I speak for the both of us when I say we wish you nothing but happiness and good health,” he told Kady.

Kady then ht back and said: “Zach, enjoy your 15 minutes.” When Zach said he didn’t “talk behind people’s backs”, Kady responded she didn’t, she just says it “on podcasts”.


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