This is what your favourite Jesmond restaurant says about you

Whether you’re beige, bold or boujee Jesmond restaurants have it all

As we are all well aware, Jesmond is the epicentre of Newcastle’s student hub and it has also firmly established itself as a culinary hotspot. There is truly something for everyone, with a vast range of restaurants boasting a variety of cuisines for any occasion. Birthing some legendary Newcastle gaffs, from Francesca’s to Fat Hippo – there is no doubt that Jesmond is home to some top-tier scran. But the question is, where is your Jesmond go-to and what exactly does it say about you?

Pizzeria Francesca – you’re kind of iconic

Home is where the half-and-half is: Francesca’s most popular dish, half pizza half pasta! I don’t want to hear any pineapple slander.

Kicking off with an absolute Jesmond classic.

Francesca’s has solidified itself as an iconic Toon establishment, earning legendary status amongst us students. If you’re rocking up here, you know what you want in life and you’re not going to stop until you get it (half pizza half pasta, of course). Classic, timeless and reliable  the vibes of Francesca’s truly reflect the customers it attracts. Iconic.

Birria Bella – we get it, you’re edgy AF (or at least you think you are)

Phwoar: The Birria Bella Munchbox

Nestled on the corner of Shortridge Terrace, Birria Bella is a petite Mexican street food gaff boasting some mega dishes. From locally sourced short rib tacos to delicious meat-loaded nachos, Birria has it all. If you’re in the know about this hidden gem, then we’ll just have to assume you’ve got some serious edge (or dare I say, rah?). 

*Proceeds to include a pic of the least edgy nor rah-looking students in Jesmond*

Fat Hippo – You are bold, fun … and ready for a food baby

“I feel like a Fat Hippo”: It’s jaw-dropping stuff.

The North-East success story taking the nation by storm, Fat Hippo guarantees nothing short of a good time. The St George’s Terrace gaff is the birthplace of this nationwide phenomenon which is the cherry on top.

If you’re a regular fan of the Fat Hippo, you are likely bold and super fun. You have mentally prepared to eat your body weight in burgers and fries and maybe, just maybe, there’ll be room for a milkshake. From the PB & J burger to the Big D’Oh (a burger sandwiched in between an award-winning Project D doughnut.. yes, doughnut), you are always ready for a wild ride.

Dabbawal You are confident, organised and know what you want

Tucked away behind Brentwood Avenue, this authentic WestIndian street food restaurant is another one of Jesmond’s best-kept secrets.  

If you dine at Dabbawal, you’re probably the confident type. Confident enough to know that you’ll always leave with a smile on your face. You’re also probably super organised and will have studied the menu a ridiculous number of times before deciding on a dish. There’s simply too much choice. But Dabbawal isn’t just a hit with the students of Jesmond, in fact, people travel from all over the Toon just to eat here. We’re pretty lucky it’s right on our doorstep.

Sohe You are chic… and you know it

This stylish Pan-Asian restaurant can be found in the heart of Jesmond, on Osborne Road itself. Perfect for evening celebrations or date nights, Sohe boasts an extensive menu as well as a vibrant cocktail list. If you’re dining at Sohe, you are chic and you know it. Chances are you have dressed up to the nines for the occasion – as you should!

Branches You’re the definition of boujee

Where fine dining meets Toon, Branches is a gorgeous restaurant located at the bottom of Osborne Road. With a stunning interior and a timeless menu, Branches will provide an unforgettable dining experience. If you are visiting Branches, chances are it’s for a special occasion or you’re just extra boujee (maybe even both).

Avanti – You’re reliable and love a bit of beige 

Pizza Wars: Francesca’s Western Rival?

Some may say the West Jesmond rival to Pizzeria Francesca, Avanti is a family-run Italian restaurant with an extensive menu and homely atmosphere.

Much like the food on offer, customers who dine here are incredibly reliable. You already know what you want before you walk through the door and that’s probably a Carbonara.

Arlo You’re a wholesome, sophisticated and chilled person 

Arlo is a chilled restaurant and café on Brentwood Avenue which always provides a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re there for coffee, brunch or an evening meal, it offers a super cosy vibe. If you are visiting Arlo, chances are you’re pretty wholesome and exude sophistication. You don’t try too hard. You’re effortlessly cool.

But at the end of the day, who cares what type of person you are, you’re supporting local independent establishments and that’s canny! In the current cost of living, crisis meets post-pandemic climate, I’m sure they appreciate your support more than ever. #Supportindependentbusinesses

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