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Zach and Mitch wanted to ‘call out’ Kady for having a boyfriend during the Love Island reunion

Kady says claims of her having a boyfriend are ‘false’

Love Islanders Zach and Mitch planned to call out Kady for having a “secret boyfriend” during the Love Island reunion but were stopped by show producers.

There has been a fair share of drama since the show finished, with Kady accusing Molly Marsh of not being a girls’ girl and calling Mitch a game player, something he later hit back at on a podcast.

During the reunion, Zach clapped back at Kady for having “our name in your mouth”, with her hitting back “enjoy your five minutes [of fame]”.

While Kady was on Love Island, it was claimed she had a secret boyfriend who she met up with just days before appearing on the show. While Love Island confirmed she was single at the time of going in the villa, which Kady has since denied.

It has now been reported that Zach and Mitch wanted to call her out during the live reunion with the claims.

“The Islanders all know about Kady’s boyfriend and were desperate to call her out on it during the live reunion, so she had no choice but to face the accusation,” a source told MailOnline.

“Love Island producers warned Zach and Mitch against it, telling them to keep the show as ‘friendly’ as possible.

“They’re embarrassed that Kady’s comeback was their big reveal this season and are let down that she didn’t admit to having a long-term boyfriend when she was approached to return.

“But the Islanders can’t be controlled forever, especially as Kady is so opinionated herself. They will be calling her out on the dishonesty.” Yikes!

Kady has since denied the allegations of having a boyfriend on the outside, saying the claims are “categorically false”.

“The narrative that is circulating that I had a boyfriend whilst in the Love Island villa is categorically FALSE. My mum stayed at mine whilst I was in the villa to look after my dog and house,” she said in an Instagram story.

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Mitch hasn’t held back since the reunion and during an interview with On Demand Entertainment, he said: “You’re calling me and Ella B fake, but you came in with a boyfriend. You have a boyfriend to this day.

“And I’ve been told by the other girls, I’m not going to name names because I’ll just take all of this, you had your boyfriend’s bracelet that he gave you on, your boyfriend was at your house whilst you were there and you’re calling me fake. I got called fake by Kady when Kady was doing the most.”

Kady left the villa alongside Ouzy but they have since called things off, following his “behaviour and actions” at the end of last month, according to Kady.

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