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Catherine says she didn’t eat for days following death threats from Love Island viewers

‘It was horrible’

Catherine has revealed she received constant hate messages and death threats after appearing on Love Island 2023, with trolls contacting her family to get through to her.

Catherine was one of the OG girls on Love Island this year, however was shortly dumped from the Island with Elom after Casa Amor.

Many viewers were unimpressed with Catherine after she brought back Elom to the main villa, leaving Scott single. However Elom and Catherine have since gone their separate ways and it seems things between her and Scott are back on track.

Speaking on a podcast about the hate she received after Love Island, Catherine said she suffered from “panic attacks” and “didn’t eat for about three of four days”.

“It was hard. Even talking about it makes me upset. I didn’t eat for about three or four days, I was so weak. I had panic attacks. I had so much stuff. I received death threats, it was horrible,” she said.

“I didn’t post for a day and they’d go through my family to get to me. It was very horrible.”

When asked if she was offered support from the show, she said she was and now she is feeling a lot better.

She said: “It was very hard for me but now I’m good. When you come out and you know what’s actually gone on and see how it’s been twisted and turned and now as a result people hate you want to see you die. It was very difficult.”

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