Just 29 iconic 1989 (Taylor’s Version) memes that sum up how we’re all feeling right now

No clowns here!

As most, if not all, of you Swifties will already be aware that Taylor Swift has just announced her next re-recorded album to be 1989 (Taylor’s Version) – and people are going wild. Not only is this a full circle moment, as we all reminisce about the 2014 album and our early days as Swifties, but it’s confirmed what fans have been dreaming of for years. Being who she is, Taylor conveniently broke the news to us on the 9th August, or 8/9 in the USA – another little easter egg for us to enjoy. The album will be available on October 27th, and Twitter has taken the news somewhat well and somewhat worrying, as people share their reactions to Taylor’s announcement. And now Twitter is flooded with hilarious Taylor Swift 1989 memes which perfectly encapsulate our mental state right now.

These are the 29 best Taylor Swift 1989 memes that Twitter has to offer:

1. You don’t remember the Kanye incident? Fake fan

2. Manifestation works, guys

3. But now I’m lost

4. What does it feel like to grow together? This

5. Mother

6. I’ve waited for two years but I’m still not ready

7. Literally do not contact me, nothing else matters