Alyssa says she ‘always felt’ like something was going on between Duncan and Evelyn

She later called them a ‘really good match’

Former Married at First Sight Australia bride Alyssa Barmonde has admitted she always thought something was going on between Evelyn and Duncan during filming for the show.

Evelyn and Duncan announced they were officially in a relationship back in May, confirming they had began dating following the show finishing airing in Australia. Alyssa was originally paired with Duncan on the show, but they ended things during their final vows.

During an appearance on the Back to Reality podcast with Taku Chimwaza and Selina Chhaur, Alyssa admitted she “always felt like something was happening between them”.

Speaking about the wife swap episode, Alyssa said there were “so many things wrong with that”.

“Imagine, for you viewers, imagine you going away for a weekend and your friend, because Evelyn was my friend in the experiment, your friend came over to come and housesit with your husband, and you came back. And he gives you a photo of himself half naked, straddling your KitchenAid that she had taken,” she told the hosts.

“Like, whose idea was that? That all this is going to be fun and playful. And you strip off your clothes. Let me throw flour on you and you can straddle it, it was just it was sick. And then the way that it was edited when they had me talking about like all one of my favorite memories, and one of my best pastimes, still to this day of what I do with Leon is bake.

“And then they cut to Duncan straddling a Kitchenaid it’s just sick. It’s disgusting. It’s not right. We had a massive fight about where she was going to sleep. He wanted to share the bed with her. And I was like, Absolutely not. In what world? Do you share a bed? ”

The former bride to say when she watches back the show it seems “obvious”, but she is “really happy for them”.

She explained: “I do feel like they’re really good match for each other. And they look gorgeous. I do. Yeah. So if you know, the whole point of a life is to find love. And if that’s how they found love. That’s great. It’s just and I’ll repeat it again. I just wish they would have had enough respect for me, like they did for Rupert, to come to me and tell me.”

Duncan and Evelyn seem to have moved on from the world of MAFS Australia and have recently moved in together.

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