Selena Gomez blanket memes

Grab a blanket and enjoy these 25 memes of Selena Gomez staring into nothingness

What is she looking at? Whose blanket is it? I have so many questions

If you haven’t seen that photo and those memes of Selena Gomez wrapped in a blanket staring into complete nothingness, congrats! You’re not as chronically online like the rest of us.

The photo of Selena has been doing the rounds on social media and the internet has come up with truly some of the best memes we’ve seen in a while. No one is really too sure where the picture comes from and that makes it even better because everyone can put in their own context and create some hilarious memes.

So if you’re feed is lacking in comedy, grab a blanket and get to ready to stare at these 25 memes of Selena Gomez wrapped in a blanket staring into the abyss.

1. It’s hard work!

2. Rest is key x

3. Getting ready to escape death in the next movie

4. Time to explore!

5. Preparing myself to cry

6. Partial slay

7. Too true

8. It feels different

9. Purrrr

10. Life-changing stuff

11. I’m just a baby!

12. Baby steps

13. Truer words were never said

14. It is what is is!

15. The scream I just let out, too true

16. Big slay from her

17. She needs to get in that studio stat

18. Peace x

19. How it always should’ve been

20. I’m back!

21. Always x

22. A homebody at heart x

23. Gilmore Girls on repeat!

24. An adult tbh

25. It’s like they knew all along

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Featured image credit via Twitter.