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Take this quiz to find out if your vibe is more Oxbridge or just plain old Russell Group

If your favourite sport is croquet then I have some news for you

There’s been a long standing debate as to whether the uni stereotypes are true, but let’s be honest, if you go to Oxford or Cambridge uni, there’s a real chance you’re just a little bit posh and/or pretentious. Look, maybe the rest of us are just slightly jealous that you’re basically a genius, but these stereotypes have stuck and don’t seem to be disappearing any time soon. If you go to an Oxbridge uni, others simply will think you’re posh. Maybe not floating-around-castles-in-fancy-golden-robes-with-my-ten-horses sort of posh, but not far off and there’s nothing you can do to change their minds.

If these stereotypes are taken fully seriously, then it can seem as if there is a massive difference between students at Oxbridge unis compared to others. Despite conforming to some of the stereotypes, they’re not all tux-wearing pretentious academics who think they’re better than everyone else. Still, if you’ve ever been called “posh” by your friends, and you denied it, you might have more in common with the lads over at Oxford and Cambridge than you’d think. On the other hand, if you are actually an Oxbridge student, you may actually be less posh than the stereotypes suggest, and you’re actually just like the rest of us. Or, maybe you are posh, you’re fully self aware, and you’re owning it. If you’re now wondering which category you belong in, take the quiz below that will answer that question, and show you if you’re actually posh enough to compare to an Oxbridge student, or if you’re just plain old Russell Group:

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