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Here’s everything we know about Tyrique and Whitney’s upcoming single Bad B


Just when you thought there hadn’t been a greater Love Island talent show performance since Chris and Kem, Tyrique and Whitney do their Bad B rap and prove you wrong.

This year’s Love Island was a season like no other, with top tier Islanders creating the best entertainment. The 2023 Love Island talent show saw Whitney and Tyrique work up a song they named Bad B and now it seems they’re actually making it into a real song, with the pair being spotted at the studio on multiple occasions.

But when is it being released? Is Ella featuring on the track? Will there be a music video? We’re dying to know the exact same thing! Here’s everything we know about Whitney and Tyrique’s single Bad B.

The beat has changed slightly and Tyrique has an extra verse

When Tyrique first shared a snippet of him in the recording studio, his followers noticed there was an obvious change to the beat than what it was like in the villa. The song is no doubt going to be a banger and it seems they are taking it seriously with Tyrique adding an extra verse to the song.


Not the duo不不不不不不不

original sound – Whitney Adebayo

Both Whitney and Tyrique have been spotted in the studio

Just days after the Love Island 2023 reunion, both Tyrique and Whitney were spotted headed to a recording studio in London, making it official that they would be releasing a full track. Both of the former Islanders have been sharing various videos on their social medias, teasing the song and their fans couldn’t be more obsessed.

There are rumours of a release date

While the pair haven’t confirmed when the song will be released, rumours have circulated online that the track could be dropped on August 25th.

Ella has an ad lib in the song

To make the song even better, Ella has her own ad lib in the show where she says her iconic phrase: “Shut it down”.


Ella doing adlibs for her man不不 #tyriquehyde #ellathomas #ellaandtyrique #tyriqueandella #tyriqueloveisland #ellaloveisland #loveislandedit #loveisland #loveislanduk #loveislandclips #fyp

original sound –

I can’t wait!

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