10 things incoming freshers need to know about Sheffield

The prospectus didn’t tell you THIS

With Result’s Day upon us once again, here’s The Sheffield Tab’s comprehensive list of the need-to-know info for all incoming freshers.

1. The Hills

You already know this but it bears repeating. Like Rome, Sheffield was built on seven hills. However, due to inflation, that will feel more like 70.

Your legs won’t thank you at first but, by Christmas, you’ll be able to crush a VK bottle between your cheeks.

2. West St

Whether you’re at Hallam or Uni of, you will begin (and probably end) many of your nights on West St. The drinks are cheap (sometimes) and the bars are packed. If you’re really lucky you might even meet Keeley.

West St: The cultural and culinary centre of the city

While the club scene here might not compete with Leeds or Manchester, Sheffield’s bars and pubs pack a punch. During Freshers’, get acquainted with Molly Malone’s and Billy Big Balls. They’ll see you ‘rite.

3. Endcliffe > Ranmoor

If you end up in Uni of accommodation, there’s only one place to be. Endcliffe is bigger, better and a lot messier. If you need proof, just ask anyone in Ranmoor if it was actually their first choice.

Then again, if you’re a light sleeper, maybe Ranmoor is your ticket. You’re only a stone’s throw from the real action and your alcohol-addled body will benefit from the extra 15 minutes trekking uphill every day. Think of the gains.

The Edge Hub in Endcliffe is there to answer your every need

4. The SU

Another one for Uni of (sorry Hallam). The University of Sheffield has the best SU in the country and the students here make the most of it.

Nestled at the centre of campus, you’ll spend half of Freshers’ here. Need a Roar costume? Swap shop. Refill your spice rack? The SU has you sorted. Free study spaces in term time? Absolutely not.

5. University libraries will be busy, always

Speaking of study spaces, there aren’t enough. It may sound silly and that’s because it is.

When it gets to submission and exam season, every computer in South Yorkshire will be in use. You’ll become a version of yourself you don’t even like: resenting people for staying logged in over their lunch break and reserving spaces for their friends.

Allegedly, waking up early is a solution (but don’t ask me).

6. Never go to Meadowhall

Rule of thumb: Do you need to go to Zara? If this is a no, then so is Meadowhall.

It’s not as fun as it looks

7. Join a club

If you’ve made it to uni, then hopefully you’ve brought at least one talent with you. If so then follow it to the relevant society or club.

If your talent is taekwondo, you know what to do. If it’s hummus, it’s your lucky day; there’s a society for that too.

8. Pace yourself

If the hills don’t tire you out then 9 am lectures probably will. The wisest words you’ll hear in Freshers’ go as follows:

“Every mark you get over 40 per cent is an hour you could have spent at Roar”

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

9. Crookes Valley Park

If you do manage to make it through the year, make sure to reap the rewards over Summer.

Sheffield is full of parks and the king of the hill(s) is CVP. The locals probably hate us for it, but the last two weeks of Spring semester are best spent lounging around here.

You may face resistance from the locals

With the society you joined in Freshers’, make your way down to Costa del Crookes, tan the twins and enjoy a BBQ by Dam House. Although there are (huge) fish in the water, we’ve yet to see one bite.

10. Join The Tab

If you do first year right, you should have a few stories to tell by the end of it. None of your friends at home want to hear about how much fun you’re having, but there are other options…

The Tab inbox is always open so if you have any Endcliffe gossip (and want to join the hottest team on campus) you know what to do!


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