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a-level results day 2023 memes

Celebrate surviving the worst day of the year with the 27 best A-level Results Day memes

Don’t smile because it’s over, cry because it happened

Two years of stress, trauma and tears – and just like that, A-Level Results day is finally upon us. There are no words significant enough to sum up this experience, but to quote The Script, I’m still alive but I’m barely breathing. Happy A-level Results day to all who celebrate! It’s been a wild ride, and while it feels like it’s lasted years, it’s also flown by in the blink of an eye. The wait for this day felt like forever, and yet its arrival doesn’t necessarily bring comfort. But, we made it together. Whether they’re happy or sad tears, cheers to the students of 2023 – you all deserve a drink or 10. And so what better way to celebrate than to relive our trauma through a round up A-level Results day 2023 memes.

These are the 29 best A-level Results day 2023 memes that Twitter has to offer:

1. Happy A-level results day!

2. I’ve aged a decade

3. I owe an apology to my family for the last month

4. How are people listening to music, I can’t breathe

5. I’m one more Jeremy Clarkson Tweet away from an apprenticeship

6. There is nothing to celebrate here

— 🍉 • Lauren 🌙 • She/They/He/Star • GUTS 04/05 💜 (@sapphicsforchuu) August 16, 2023

— daisy🐝 (@thebeachll) August 16, 2023

8. I haven’t slept since 2021

9. Why is Results Day still a thing

10. I need therapy after this

11. A-level Results day: One. Me: Zero

12. Just a silly, goofy mood x

13. Joy doesn’t exist here

14. Imagine sharing your birthday with the devil

15. The official face of Results Day

16. Why am I more nervous for this than my actual results?

17. The wicked never rest


19. This is the worst

20. No turning back now

21. Me, running away from that envelope

22. Squeaky bum time

23. The sense of dread has peaked

24. How am I expected to function normally today?

25. My mum keeps asking me why I’m crying

26. Everyone’e holding their breath

27. And there it is. Underwhelming but just as obnoxious as always

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