The Newcastle Uni halls you belong in based on your vibe

Prepare to be offended silly fresh x

Your first-year halls give you a small taste of what your life will be like over the next few years. You’re away from home for the first time, cooking your own meals and possibly sharing the bathroom with people you barely know – truly scary.

Newcastle has a range of accommodations and different types of people, from rahs to roadmen it really is a diverse community.

Park View – You’re basic and you know it

Despite living here in my first year, I will say the vibe fits. I feel like I used to get déjá vu from seeing the same font of people 24/7. Whether it be a 5’10 boy with brown hair and a North Face puffer or a girl with a matching Gym Shark set and highlights, it all became a blur.

However, I will say, it’s close to campus, relatively modern and next to the Newcastle Uni gym. It’s become a top choice for freshers like myself over the years.

Everybody knows it, wants it and loves it – can’t go wrong.

Wellington St Plaza – You’re niche and mysterious

I had no clue this accommodation existed until I started uni. I was jealous of my friends that lived there who were trusted enough with a key and a fob in first year. Wellington is the right place for you if you want to know everyone, but also nobody at the same time.

There’s always the option to walk easily to town and grab a pint if you don’t like your flatmates and can feel an existential crisis coming along x

Wellington is also a stone’s throw away from St James’ Park where you’ll catch many Geordies doing what they do best (drinking) as they watch Newcastle United.

Kensington Terrace – You’re a Homebird x

If you’re living in Kensington Terrace you must idolise Fresh Meat or love the comfort of home a bit too much. With only 10 houses available, it really is survival of the fittest.

On the bright side, the rooms in student houses tend to be a lot bigger – hence the price, compared to average uni halls with a single bed and mediocre desk.

Windsor Terrace – You were left out of the popular group at school

Ah, Windsor Terrace, so forgetful I even had to Google it. The single beds have been there since 1982 and it’s the last place to go for pres.

However, there is an option to pull an all-nighter in the Phil Rob just around the corner, where the booths are actually bigger than the beds x

The area of Windsor Terrace is also very close to Jesmond, the notorious second and third-year area for students. At least you’re nearby to check out some houses for next year to plan a speedy escape.

Castle Leazes – You probably went to boarding school

Being one of Newcastle’s oldest student accommodations, Castle Leazes has quite the reputation. Mostly for its cows and resembling a Swedish prison, gorg x

The majority of people living there are catered, meaning they have breakfast, lunch and dinner made for them and won’t survive strictly off pot noodles and vibes, must be nice.

Every year you’re also bound to hear the story of the infamous “cow napping” from Leazes if you don’t know, get to know.

Portland Green – You love a good hike

Pardon the pun, but Portland Green is around 500 miles away from campus. The accommodation itself is lovely, but the location is not ideal.

The pro, however, you’re close to Spoons and can bond with your flatmates about drawing the short straw. There’s also a Tesco Express close by if you need drinks for pres, but don’t forget your club card – we are students after all.

Newgate Court – You’re posh spice

Known to be spenny but nice, Newgate Court will impress your mates who are in their sad little single beds every night. The location makes it easy to go anywhere in town and drink to your heart’s content.

The price is hefty but if you’ve got it, flaunt it babes x

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