Everything you need to know about Uni of Liverpool that the prospectus won’t tell you

You won’t be able to survive or thrive without this

Congratulations freshers, you’re in! In your eagerness to start at Liverpool Uni I’m sure you’ll be studying the student handbook and welcome pack, and whilst I’m positive the information in these is vital (I also read them three years ago, but that’s far too long ago to remember), they are missing a few key sections. Consider this as your unofficial handbook for the equally important but much more fun stuff. Including the more important information that should have been included in your Liverpool Uni Freshers’ pack. Here are five things all freshers should know before starting at Liverpool Uni:

1. The best club nights in Liverpool

If you’ve purchased a Freshers’ wristband then you might already be aware of some of the clubs and club nights in Liverpool. But whilst most places are busy in Freshers’ Week, here I am to grace you with the actual best nights out on a regular week in Liverpool.

Although never included on a Freshers’ wristband, the most popular place to be on a Monday in Liverpool is The Blue Angel, known as The Raz and home to the famous “raz bomb”. The drinks are cheap and the underground cellar style club is always heaving but be warned, its cash only and people start queuing from as early as 9pm to get in.

On a Tuesday, the biggest club night is Skint, held in Peacock and Moloko, in the middle of Liverpool’s famous concert square. You’ll almost certainly end up here in Freshers’ Week, the drinks are cheap and it will be incredibly crowded. On a Thursday, the most popular choices are between Heebie Jeebies and Shindy, an indy disco held at Electric. I personally prefer Heebies, especially in Freshers’ Week, but it’s really a question of music taste. Lastly Hatch, which is constantly great every night. Whilst Hatch is on the smaller side for clubs and bars in Liverpool, its the best place for cheap pre-drinks and free entry. It’s also open late and the place 90 per cent of students end their night.

2. Speaking of nights out, where should you grab food after?

This one is completely dependant on your halls, if you’re living in town then be prepared to become acquainted with Nabzys and Hot & Tender. Located opposite the bombed out church, these fast-food neighbours are right on your walk home. Your preference will probably depend on which staff you make friends with faster, and which you and your flatmates and friends stumble into first.

For students Living in Greenbank however, there are a few more choices. If you like your post night out grub asap then you will probably end up at Cucos, located in Concert Square – it’s good if you need chips pronto. Some students might opt to walk to McDonald’s, which is conveniently located next to the taxi rank – but you will, however, be waiting a LONG time for your Big Mac if you go between 1am and 3am. Instead, some people choose to wait till they are nearly back at halls for their food. Smithdown has a huge variety of late night takeaways such as Friends, a fan favourite over Chesters.

3. Uni meme pages, group chats and more

The answer is yes, yes you should. The Uni of Liverpool Meme Page and LivConfessions are two popular FaceBook pages followed by loads of fellow students. Both feature funny uni based content, just be careful not to end up on their yourself. Facebook will also be flooded with freshers, halls and course group chats for you to join. If you’re looking to make some friends or just find a familiar face before you arrive at uni, this is a great way to do so.

4. Best walks for hangovers – for when you’re just too hungover

Freshers’ might make you think that uni is all about clubbing and flat parties, but what about when you’re too hungover? There are plenty of places to go for more chilled bonding time with your new uni friends that don’t involve drinking. Sefton Park behind Greenbank halls is the largest green space in Liverpool and perfect for a hungover walk and post night out debrief. During summer this place will be packed with second and third year students from Smithdown – whenever there is sun, the students flock to Sefton.

5. The 699 and the 86 busses

Aka your BEST friends. The 699 bus goes all the way from Greenbank halls to campus and even Elliot Street in the city centre, all day on weekends and in the evening on weeknights. 699 buses however are elusive; much like spotting a rare exotic animal, few seem to exist. A bus you’re much more likely to encounter is an 86, 86A or 86C. Don’t be fooled by the different letters, as far as students are concerned they all take the same important route, Smithdown, to uni, and to town.

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