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Madeline Argy is facing backlash for her Sundown town comments, here’s how it all started

Her original TikTok video has been deleted from her page

TikToker Madelne Argy is currently facing backlash online after comments she made about wanting to live in a Sundown town in the US, which she has since apologised for.

In a now deleted TikTok video, Madeline spoke about how she used to tell people that she wanted to “live in a Sundown town” when she was older because she was unaware of what the term meant. She was immediately met with outrage from TikTok users, with some slamming her video as “offensive”.

Since then, Madeline has educated herself on the real meaning of Sundown towns and deleted her original video. With hot takes being shared across social media, here’s a rundown of the fallout of Madeline Argy’s Sundown town video.

Madeline Argy posted a video saying she told people she wanted to live in a Sundown town’

Over the weekend, Madeline posted a video in which she said she would tell people she wanted to live in a Sundown town when she was younger.

“I told, like, 100 people that I want to live in a Sundown town when I grow up because I didn’t know what the f**k that was. I thought that they were, like, the tiny little American towns like Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls or, like, from Paper Towns, when it’s, like, it doesn’t exist on a map for some reason,” she said in the now deleted TikTok video.

“Like the cute American towns where there’s, like, literally 20 people and they all drive pickup trucks, that’s what I thought a Sundown town was.”

Madeline faced backlash almost immediately, with many TikTok users calling her video offensive whether or not she knew what a Sundown town was.

“Problem number two is people using words and phrases when they don’t know what the f**k it means,” one user said.

“Because when you say sh*t like that, you say something not knowing what it means and it’s actually offensive, the person who receives it, is offended, is expected to just let all the offence wash right over them.”

What is a Sundown town?

A Sundown town are all-white neighbourhood in the United States that practices a form of racial segregation by excluding non-white people via discriminatory local laws, intimidation or violence. While there are less Sundown towns in the US since the Civil Rights Movement, some do still exist.

Madeline then deleted the video and issued an apology

Madeline did take down the video and has since apologised. “Guys I want to apologise for the Sundown town post before that gets to any more ears than it already has without like, me being able to say sorry,” she said in a TikTok.

“I had been saying for years, that like, Sundown towns look like a really nice place to live because I did not know what they were. So I was trying to poke fun at myself for that.”


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She doubled down that she had no idea what Sundown towns were and said she had been saying it “to other European people who don’t know what they are”.

She went on to say she understood how it could be distressing for others to hear that term, given Sundown towns still exist, something she claims she did not know.

When asked by a TikToker user in a comment section how she had never heard about them, she responded: “I have no clue. Probably in music with poor [or] no context, and then I took the term to mean something like a small American town foolishly.”

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