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A side-by-side photo of Mitch twirling around Ella B and Abi and Mitch looking at each other on Love Island

Abi claims Ella B is ‘threatened’ by her previous romance with Mitch on Love Island

‘I’ve noticed that he’s not the same when he’s with her as he was with me’

Love Island bombshell Abi Moores has claimed that Ella B is “threatened” by her previous connection with Mitchel Taylor.

Abi joined the show during Casa Amor and was brought back to the main villa by Mitch. However their relationship was short lived after Mitch’s head turned for final bombshell of the series, Ella B (Barnes).

The new romance set off drama in the villa, with Mitch and Abi often arguing with one another. Since leaving the villa, Abi has had her fair share to say about the couple, even when she came face to face with the couple during the reunion.

Now in an interview with OK! Magazine, Abi claimed Ella B was “threatened” by her saying she [Abi] and Mitch had a better connection.

“I’m not jealous, I was just honest when I said that me and Mitch had a better connection,” she told the publication.

“But I’ve noticed that he’s not the same when he’s with her as he was with me, in terms of affection and how he interacts. So, I think Ella B is a bit threatened by me saying that we had a better connection – but I’m not going to lie.”

Abi went on to say she thinks she has “dodged a massive bullet” with Mitch. “The show did me a favour by bringing Ella in and letting me see that his head could be turned,” she said. “And the way he behaved afterwards – that’s just not the sort of person I’d want to be with anyway.”

Talking about her friendship with Ella B, Abi said she had sent the bombshell a message “to try and squash things” but Ella “doesn’t want to”.


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