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‘Everything’s for her now’: All that Tommy Fury has said about becoming a father

‘Being a dad is my best chapter yet’

Tommy Fury welcomed daughter Bambi with fiancee Molly-Mae Hague back in January, and recently the boxer has opened up on how fatherhood has changed his perspective on life and his boxing career.

He focuses on how it’s changed him, saying: “It really has changed me because after fights, I’ve gone from partying, having a few drinks with the boys, staying out till late, to going back home and tucking the baby in at bedtime.”

It’s also had an impact on his dedication to his boxing career, saying Bambi motivates him to go to the gym, even on hard days.

“Now, I just think of her,” he said. “I think of her and I think, why am I boxing? It’s to make sure that she never struggles in life.”

Tommy beat YouTube boxer Jake Paul in February, just one month after the birth of his daughter. He credited his success in the match to his new role as a father: “Everything’s for her, now. It just makes me a more dangerous fighter in every single aspect. Now it’s not just me I’m fighting for, I’m fighting for her. Everything in my game has been raised.”

With an upcoming fight against KSI in October, Tommy remains confident, pushed on by his drive to fight for his daughter.

He recently told Sky News: “I’ll beat Jake Paul, I’ll beat KSI and any other one who wants it, and then after that I will go back to the proper boxing, and I’ll challenge myself against the best.”

Tommy has also taken to Instagram since Bambi’s arrival to share cute snaps of his daughter and his new life as a father. In one post, Tommy captioned the pic: “Being a dad is my best chapter yet.”

When asked by Molly-Mae how fatherhood feels, Tommy replied: “It’s single-handedly the best thing that’s ever happened so far and the best thing that will ever happen in my entire life.

“Work, holidays, whatever it is just doesn’t compare to being a father and having your own family. It’s the best feeling in the world.”

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